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Instructions to remove MediaCharger, Movienetworks, and Downloadware unauthorized programs/spy-adbots

limited disclaimer, use at your own risk, nothing should be able to be affected by these actions, but in case you mess up (or god forbid I missed something) then the mess is all yours. I'm just trying to help but I am human and do make mistakes (which is why I double check everything)
I've used these exact actions to remove the programs from my computer

ok first, open IE go to tools->internet options->security->and click custom for each zone, and make sure to check prompt for both of the first 2 options(download signed activeX and unsigned activeX) this is the only way to keep this mess out... you are likely to see a lot more warning windows pop up while you are browsing now) click ok. on the first tab, choose delete temp internet files. close IE

next, open c:\program files\ and see if there are folders for 'movienetworks' and/or 'downloadware' as well as MedCh, if found delete the movienetworks folder and MedCh, leave the downloadware folder for a moment if found, and go to the control panel->add/remove programs , click on downloadware, and click remove. it may open a webpage, just close it (or feel free to complain in the provided space) then go back and make sure the folder is gone too.

next is c:\windows\downloaded program files, there should be a file that looks like this {EB6AFDAB-E16D-430B-A5EE-0408A12289DC} right click the properties, if the general tab has 'codebase:' that is the one you want to remove.

next open start->run and type msconfig and hit ok, move to the start up tab and look for WebInstall2, (go ahead and uncheck the box next to it we'll remove it completely in a second.) next to that it will tell you the filename, located in c:\windows\temp\ named something like ins1234.tmp, go to that folder and delete that file, and any others with a similiar name (always ????????.tmp mostly starting with ins, rem or tem followed by numbers) if it won't delete, press ctrl+alt+del 1 time, and if it's running select it and choose end task, then go and delete it. click ok in the msconfig panel, when it asks if you want to restart now click no.

next is for semi experienced users. if you have never edited your windows registry, or are unsure of yourself at all dont do it, just restart your computer. making a mistake here could make your computer unbootable.

go back to start->run and type in regedit and press ok. press ctrl+f and enter 'downloadware' make sure to search for keys, data, and values. press find next, if it finds it right click the folder(key) it finds and select delete, click yes to delete, then press f3 to keep searching, keep doing that until you get 'finished searching the registry' or 'not found'. then scroll back to the top, click on my computer (in regedit) and search (and destroy) the following words in the same manner (without the quotes)


afterwards close regedit and restart your computer. done