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Red Sheriff's biggest gun
It's a custom-designed audience measurement system for the Internet - the ammo' to pull out when you want to know exactly how many users are visiting a website, and exactly what they're doing there. more...

ammo' for close range
When you want to understand people's reaction to your website or ideas, Red Sheriff rounds up RedSense so you hear it straight from the horse's mouth.

RedSense is a qualitative research service with extra firepower. As with other qualitative research, people are gathered together to share their thoughts and experiences. The difference with RedSense is that it doesn't rely solely on users' recollections or guesswork.

To give you the most accurate research possible, site viewers are studied while they're actually online. In this way, RedSense monitors users' every move and reaction so your research hits the target every time. more...

Red Sheriff's heat seeking ammo'
With new folk always passin' through town, it can be hard to get an insight into who they are. When you want to talk with website or intranet visitors, or even get customer feedback via email, Red Sheriff draws RedEffect, a web survey tool that always fires the right questions at the right time. more...

new ammo every month
With all those cowboys out there, someone has to take charge of the Internet! As a respected authority, born and raised on the web, Red Sheriff has published a series of market reports called SharpShooter since 1997.

As the most accurate of its kind, SharpShooter is trusted and used by industry, government, politicians and the media as the truest representation of the Internet market in Australia. more...

another big un' in Red Sheriff's belt
It works with RedMeasure and Red Sheriff's Internet Panels to give you the most precise website ratings and profiling in the world. more..