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All About Snails

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Species of Snails
  • Neritidae - A man-eating carnivorous variety, this one can suck your brains right out.
  • Pilidae - Can eat at White Castle's and live to tell about it.
  • Viviparidae - Leaves slimy trails all around your neighbour's swimming pool. Neighbour usually blames your (other) pets.
  • Thiaridae - Multiplies like crazy inside your fish tank, clogging the filters.
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Snail Diseases
  • Shell Rot - Result of a bacteria infection.
  • Stomping Boots - This terminal snail disease, common in areas populated by humans, is very hard to treat once contact is made with the hazardous agent.
Breeding Tips
  • Ed's Snail Breeding Page - everything you wanted to know but were afraid somebody would actually tell you. Complete with color photos! (bleh)
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Snail-lovers' message board

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Joe's guide to avoiding poisonous snails

Recent Snail News
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Scientist discovers first glow-in-the-dark snail

Snails Don't Like Coffee, Expert Warns

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