'PV1' and PV2 image comparison

Images taken one right after the other on a Classic Dakota and a PV2 with preview screen. Other than rotating 90 degrees, these images have not been post-processed by the user (although the PV2 driver itself does a lot of post-processing, as you might see). Images are stored in the lossless PNG format to prevent introducing additional compression artifacts from re-saving the file. The picture is of the Confucius statue in Chinatown, downtown NYC during the (overcast) early afternoon. Sometime when I have something worth taking a picture of in the dark, I'll do another side-by-side with some night pictures, Classic vs. PV2. (I have a few in-the-dark pics from the PV2 already, and am not that impressed. Withholding judgment though until I can get hold of some without all the postprocessing...)

pv1.png (classic Dakota - Sunplus chipset)
pv2.png (Dakota PV2 - SMaL chipset)