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Other Questions
by Rich Fatcats, Fascist Overlord and all-around Scum o' the Earth of GeoCities, 3/22/98

 Dear homesteader,

 It has come to my attention that several homesteaders have begun to produce and post their own opinions on their GeoCities homepages and on these Help forums. Often these opinions have not been pre-approved by GeoCities and are not in keeping with our philosophy of disinformation, advertising dollars and the repeated biting of the many hands that feed us. Our marketing strategy is to provide free homepages that stroke and speak highly of GeoCities, using the sweat and toil of members like you to expose our advertisers as well as the GeoCities name and in doing so recruit more homesteaders into our cult...er, homesteads and thereby perpetuate this process for a neverending pyramidal influx of fresh bodies to do the same.

While opinions are a normal part of any healthy human's cognitive functioning, those that promote the unattractive truth or speak in a critical manner of GeoCities are damaging to the GeoCities cubicle community whose wages are paid by your sweat and toil, as well as your own account as it will quickly and permanently be deleted if unapproved opinions are posted. For those that choose to continue posting their opinions after they have been censored, we may have no choice but to remove the portions of the creator's brain responsible for individuality, personality and independent thought. Further violations will result in late-night visits by large, heavily-armed men in black limousines. We strongly encourage you to read our Acceptable Opinions Contract and our Propoganda Clause at http://www.geocities.com/members/guidelines.

Our guidelines and Members Terms of Service (TOS) has been carefully constructed to promote the free flowing exchange of advertising dollars into GeoCities, and at the same time prevent unpaid employees like yourself from forming a union or finding out about homesteaders' strikes, in addition to squelching knowledge of the many abuses that past, present and future members have and will be subject to. We appreciate your compliance in this matter.

In closing, we appreciate your interest in GeoCities and welcome you to the community.

Rich Fatcats
Fascist Overlord and all-around Scum o' the Earth of GeoCities

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