Free Graphics Library
 courtesy of your friends at HitlerCities
  If you have any appropriate graphics for this page that you'd like to share with others, please give me, links where i can download them and add them to this page! Thanks! 
A HitlerCities original
David Bohnett <--> Adolf Hitler
Mark Zeman
"GeoCensored" (transparent)
Mark Zeman
Another "GeoCensored" (transparent)
Mark Zeman
Another "GeoCensored" (transparent)
Adam Middleton
"Fatal Error"
A HitlerCities original
"Tell Me Lies"
Watermark protest
Banner parodies
(these are what display as 'ads' on HitlerCities)
Bill Webb
"Another GeoCensored website"
Peter Boots
"A GeoCensored site"
Author Unknown (for now)
Again, if you have art that should be on this page, tell me right away so I can put it up for the benefit of all GeoVictims! Also, if you know who created some of the "Author Unknown" grafx, let me know also; I'd like to credit all sources if at all possible. Finally, if someone has sent a graphic you have created "on your behalf" and you don't want it here, drop me a line so I can remove it from the page. Well, that should about do it! ...Oh yeah, i almost forgot..the disclaimer...

All materials on this page are provided by their creators for free use on sites that wish to display them. All materials on this page, with the exception of those created specifically by A PO'd Netizen, Inc. remain the property of their respective creators. "GeoCities" is a trade|service mark of GeoCities Corporation. Any uses of the GeoCities logo, name, copyrighted images, or likenesses of any GeoCities staff or employee are done as satirical parody under the fair use provision of US copyright law, 17 USC 107, as a protected form of free speech under the First Amendment of the US Constitution. For the last time people, that's not a violation of copyright! Get it thru your thick, leather-skinned lawsuit-happy crania, you morons! Okay, i'm done now. Goodnitey...