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Links - Other pages about GeoCities
This page is under construction.
webbsite.cjb.net * A GeoCities censorship victim and frequent contributor to HitlerCities.
    /censored.htm  GeoCities censorship and harassment of the webmaster
    /geopops.htm  Page that got the site originally kicked off GeoCities, expresses a negative opinion about popup ads
    /watermark.htm  Ominous look at the GeoCities watermark logo versus the future of free webpages
    /bgfh.htm  Bastard Geo From Hell--A great satire on GeoCities and the "Bastard Operator From Hell" series
www.crosswinds.net/st-louis/~harv77/ * Black Background (anti-watermark) Campaign. Zapped for expressing a negative opinion of GeoCities in a private email
    /censored.htm  Story of the email censorship, and reader comments
www.angelfire.com/mo/geocensored/ * GeoCensored. A thought-provoking essay on GeoCities and censorship, and frightening story about the lengths GeoCities Corp. has gone to, including lawsuit threats, to get this page kicked off the 'net.
    /ring.html  GeoCensored Web Ring, censored from www.crosswinds.net by GeoCities' lawyers
geostrike.tsx.org * The GeoStrike. Contains a GeoCities homepage parody, images, and news (including Geostocks)
www.thegallaria.com/geocities * What? Another GeoCritic being threatened with lawsuits?
www.geocities.com/Sunsetstrip/bistro/1136 * Zapped by one of those "Deeply Offended at the World" freaks (yeah, we all have had to deal with at least one of those...)
www.juicycerebellum.com * Threatened with lawsuits from GeoStapo for a GeoCities parody page.  http://www.geocities.com/PicketFence/1284/ * AlterIcon - Built to foster objective discussion of GeoPolicy and attempt to recreate the 'community' that GeoCities could once claim.

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