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Hi I'm chickenlover234® I signed up on 3/28/86 but have not moved in yet.
My interests are South Park, HitlerCities®, chickens, loving, chickenloving, the loving of chickens...
My email address is®®®
My demographic/psychographic profile (250K) is availible for $5 from HitlerCities®
A list of email addresses of  HitlerCities® members like myself is availible at the low low price of 15¢ an addy®!! You Won't Find A Better Deal Anywhere®

chickenlover234®,®,®,®, addy®, HitlerCities®, and You Won't Find A Better Deal Anywhere® are registered trademarx of HitlerCities, so that if this member EVER tries to leave and criticize us from another Web host, we can sue them for infringement to silence them (and bring in a little extra income). We can even threaten to sue their ISP, and get their Internet account terminated, because we own the rights to this user's email addresses, which as you can see the ISP is obviously infringing!!! Let's get 'em!