Dixie's Home Page
Walk with me as I learn to build on the Web

I'm really sorry this is my first ever attempt at creating a web page I dont know what I'm doing so please dont hate me for my page I know it sucks
Here is a picture of my kitty cat Lollipop Would you like to pet Lollipop?
This is a picture of my dog Sparky He died last week when a car runned him over. 
I got an A on my test today Mom is so proud of me!
Recently when I go to my homepage I get these things that pop up and make my computer do bad things I don't like them and I don't know how to stop them they just keep coming and my computer crashes and I have to call Mike at tech support and have him come out and fix it for me and he charges me a lot of money why are these pop up things coming all the time and how do I stop them? Why are these things popping up is HitlerCities doing this to me I wrote to them and told them it was making my computer crash they said shut up or we'll delete your home page you moron bitch keep quiet HitlerCities is mean to me I hope my computer doesn't crash again
If you like my home page and want to talk to me E-mail me dixienew3@aol.com