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Hi, welcome to my homepage (which, in case you didn't know, is hosted by HitlerCities!). Did you notice my cool new Watermark? HitlerCities gave it to me. And I didn't even have to ask! They did it without even telling me, no forewarning whatsoever, out of the kindness of their hearts! Now I can say I'm branded as HitlerCities' property! I'm getting a HitlerCities logo tattoo on my forehead next week. Then everyone will know I'm a part of the HitlerCities community!
HitlerCities is also in the browser toolbar. Is that cool or what? Oh, and, run your mouse over any link on this Page! You know what it says in the status bar at the bottom? Yep, you got it--HITLERCITIES!!
Do you know what? I'm a HitlerCities Featured Neighbor! And YOU'RE NOT! Isn't that cool? I'm going to work for HitlerCities someday. They're the coolest.
This page is devoid of actual content, but HitlerCities likes me so they'll let me keep it here forever! Because they love me and I love them!
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