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 Private Parts - Free stuff, original stuff, public-domain stuff, and stolen stuff...
Welcome to the HitlerCities parody site! This whole shebang couldn't have been created without a lot of outside help and research (of actual Geo policy stuff to parodize, e.g. disk crashes and critic censorship), and i'd like to thank everyone who could provide info and opinions on GeoCities (tm). Especially GeoCensored and the April PlanetQuake Mailbag, listing people's reactions when PlanetQuake (as an April Fool's joke) moved its site to GeoCities for a day. Needless to say, the reaction was, well... see for yourself.
Just to keep you vultures from stealing credit, this site and all its junk unless otherwise noted is the exclusive property of A PO'd Netizen, INC. No part of this site can be copied, distributed, swiped, pirated, etc. without the express permission of A Po'd Netizen, Inc. (i've never said no, but ya still gotta ask!) With the exception of Monica Lewinsky. Take this nasty biotch, please!
Original images used on the site (mostly actual pictures scanned in) include kitty, Keepout, the animated Hypno Spiral (used Photoshop/Rotate), and Webmaster With A Bottle Of Pepsi Stuck To His Head (1995 vintage).
Modified and derivative works include this messed-up pic of Monica Lewinsky, a pack of smokes, blinking arrows (from Netscape 4) and the Hitler Holding An Imagemap, the Hitler-and-Himmler pic from God only knows where, prob'ly German newspaper photogs, and the actual buttons imagemap derived from this picture found on a GeoCities homepage (until Geo nuked it).
Public domain img's (or so i hope) include The Universe, Mr. "I'm trying to see things from your point of view!", and this uuugly picture of Mr. Bill Gates (as if his mug ain't public enough...)
And last but not least, something from the spammers' side, snatched without permission or knowledge, so i can prob'ly get sued....no..wait a minute...it's, uh, a parody, yep! Fair Use! Now if i could just find a picture of a loophole...

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