Watermark Protest
Hear No Evil...
Cy Design (?)
"See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil, Join GeoCities"
"Geocities did WHAT?"
Cy Design
"Don't Brand Me"
"Dont Brand My Art"
 Orange Ribbon Campaign
"Keep our homepages free!"
Orange Ribbon
"GeoCities BRANDED My Art!"
Cy Design
"Oops, you missed!"
Author Unknown (for now)
"GeoCities: Click here to get screwed!"
"Get treated like a cow"
 HitlerCities custom watermarks
(If you live on Geocities (poor you), you can replace your watermark! Here's how...)
Then you're done! The Geo watermark will be gone, replaced with the image you'd rather display...

You'd think i'd be ambitious enough to write a new GeoAppeasement disclaimer for this page instead of copying it from the other graphics page... 
All materials on this page are provided by their creators for free use on sites that wish to display them. All materials on this page, with the exception of those created specifically by A PO'd Netizen, Inc. remain the property of their respective creators. "GeoCities" is a trade|service mark of GeoCities Corporation. Any uses of the GeoCities logo, name, copyrighted images, or likenesses of any GeoCities staff or employee are done as satirical parody under the fair use provision of US copyright law, 17 USC 107, as a protected form of free speech under the First Amendment of the US Constitution. For the last time people, that's not a violation of copyright! Get it thru your thick, leather-skinned lawsuit-happy crania, you morons! Okay, i'm done now. Goodnitey...