Outside looking in
Little girl on a playground plays 
In a lonely corner far away 
And wonders why she's always been 
Outside looking in 

Like a puppy locked out in the rain 
By glass wall, held on a separate plane 
To weak to shatter the window pane From the 
outside looking in 

The other children laugh and play 
Together but they stay away 
From the ugly girl they met that day On the 
outside looking in 

So shallow and thin is beauty 
It cuts no deeper than the skin 
That's why she'll forever be 
Outside looking in 

Sunshine here cannot be found 
Blocked long before it hits the ground 
The light's another thing that's drowned 
While outside looking in 

Seperate they live yet together they'll die 
Under the same dark sky 
When they realize who has really been 
Outside looking in 

In loving memory
Bill Webb