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"Snicker, the lighter side of computing" or whatever it's called this week is mainly the product of a sluggish but reliable 28.8 NETCOM Internet account and intense boredom on the part of Bill Webb, the primary force behind it. It is currently powered by a dorm computer and a (sluggish but reliable) AOL disk hoofed into the school computer lab whenever there's something new to upload. 99% of all materials (except many graphics) are to be blamed solely on Bill and his slightly abnormal brain chemsitry ;) The majority of graphics (except logo screens and a few others) were whipped up by a mysterious force known only as Graphics Guy.
About: Bill
(Ah, nuts, you people are actually reading this thing?...Get a Life!)
Hi and hello to all three or so people who will actually bother to read this, I am Bill, the curator-dictator of this small corner of cyberspace. I am a wacko, nerd, and mixed nut but an utterly harmless one. One of those shy, sensitive guys who is always referred to as 'sweet', in other words, "you're-pretty-scrawny-and-short-and-generally-unappealing-as-a-potential-boyfriend-
I don't know... there's always something about sensitive guys that pisses people off. And there's something about being smart, or at least thinking a lot...it seems to really piss people off, especially authority. And of course, not fitting neatly into some predefined category of classification...well, you get the idea.
I have this strange habit of rooting for the underdog...hell..most of the time I am the underdog. It seems there's always someone big trying to force something on someone smaller (be it morality, religion, demands, silence...) I also have this strange habit of avenging the underdogs of the forceful, strong-armed Big Guy in any way possible--there's one in particular that has had the misfortune of learning this the hard way...
Yep...You're bored shitless now, I can tell. So I'll leave you with what you came to my bio page for in the first place, The Vitals (or what you come to pretty much *any* bio page for :)
  • 18 
  • M
Intimate status 
  • Single (and hating it!)
  • Virgo
  • Not Nearly Enough
  • 5' 10" or thereabouts
  • Fly
  • 130 or somewhere around there (depending on how much junk food I've eaten that week) 
  • Undefined
  • (not categorizable)
  • Miscellaneous, if you must know :)
Mental status 
  • The voices in my head tell me I'm perfectly sane...
  • Metallica
  • Megadeth
  • Rush
  • Ozzy Osbourne
  • Green Day
  • Soul Asylum
  • Smashing Pumpkins
  • Enya*
  • Roxette*
  • Meat Loaf*
  • (* laugh if you will)
  • Computers, internet and WWW
  • Technology
  • Science
  • Nature
  • so, does this make me a geek?
Preferred undergarment 
  • Boxers
  • (or just swing free)
MPAA rating 
  • PG-13 (mostly due to language and brief nudity)
I'm currently a freshman at Tri-State University, a great little engineering school in Angola, Indiana that nobody's ever heard of. I'm majoring in electrical engineering; many interesting things happen with high voltage so be nice to me :)
The Picture (bet you thought I would forget):
After all, this is your whole reason for coming to the bio page, right? LOL, what a stud muffin :)
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