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- 12/24/97 10:06:27
(Javascript window) 'Sup?'

seek & destroy - 12/09/97 00:24:10
Most hated computer operating system: MAC
What brings you here? How'd you find us?: web search
Nastiest softdrink: DIET *.*
Nastiest aftertaste: DIET *.*
Favorite four-letter word(s): Can't say them here...
Boxers or briefs?: boxers on top of my briefs
Just surfin' thru. Loved the fry report!

Laura - 11/21/97 16:16:05
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/CapitolHill/9118/
My Email:sipsis@usa.net
Hey Snicker, I'm right with you, man. This Geocities crap has driven me off too. I've just moved my entire site to simplnet.com. For $10 a month I dont have to deal with intrusive ads, suspicious cookies, psycho counters and dictatorial restrictions. Geocities SUCKS n w!!!

LK - 11/20/97 21:49:11
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/~shipfish
My Email:shipfish@geocities.com
Most hated computer operating system: Win95
Least hated computer operating system: DOS, haven't tried OS2 yet.
Nastiest softdrink: Mellow Yello
Nastiest aftertaste: You asked for it - Semen.
Favorite four-letter word(s): f*ck
Boxers or briefs?: nothin'

Just cruisin. Never used a Mac, are they really that deplorable?
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Showtime - 11/15/97 05:25:29
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Pentagon/3976
My Email:Spazz40@hotmail.cm
Most hated computer operating system: school comps
Least hated computer operating system: my comp
Nastiest softdrink: mdew
Nastiest aftertaste: milk
Favorite four-letter word(s): love
Boxers or briefs?: boxers or whatever you prefer if you are a girl which i take yo are or else you wouldnt ask
can you sen me a thing to bock some nastie girls from signing my book all the time over and over i saw you idea in the geobook help page cool page

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Ralph Palumbo - 11/05/97 13:36:51
My URL:http://www.aol.com
My Email:EPalu27475@aol.com
Most hated computer operating system: MS-DOS / Windows
Least hated computer operating system: PC-DOS
Nastiest softdrink: Mountan Due
Favorite four-letter word(s): Byte This

Ally McAlpine - 11/03/97 10:17:48
My Email:alastair.mcalpine@strath.ac.uk
Most hated computer operating system: Anything that uses '/' or @
Least hated computer operating system: Atari 800XL
Nastiest softdrink: Irn-Bru
Nastiest aftertaste: Wobbly Bob
Favorite four-letter word(s): Nuff
Boxers or briefs?: N/A
Respect to the Jonni-ooh!, and Ginger crew, from Main man McA.

Carrie - 11/03/97 08:41:17
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/Union/1454
My Email:maglite@theonramp.com
Most hated computer operating system: None of them are perfect...
Least hated computer operating system: YAH! WHATEVER!
Nastiest softdrink: Mt. Dew/Diet ANYTHING!
Nastiest aftertaste: that taste of a hangover!
Favorite four-letter word(s): suck
Boxers or briefs?: BOXERS, OF COURSE!
*LOL* Saw ya griping in GeoCities forum where I ended up tonight when my renamed files decided not to link to each other with there newly given name...IMAGINE THAT! AND, the help chat is DOWN! NICE! Thought I'd gripe with ya:)

Semindy - 10/25/97 11:25:13
Was out surfing and thought I'd pop in!!! I caught you on geoguide!! Does that make me a "dork"????? *smile*
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Josh - 10/19/97 21:33:24
My URL:http://www.mach-5.com
My Email:josh@dodgenet.com
Most hated computer operating system: Windows 3.1
Least hated computer operating system: Linux
Nastiest softdrink: Orange
Nastiest aftertaste: vitamins
Favorite four-letter word(s): poop
Boxers or briefs?: Boxers
Cool page, but ya need the change the color of the text I cant see it for shit. If you guys get booted off geocities I *might* be able to get you some room on www.mach-5.com (coming soon!). Keep up the good work, and censorship sucks.

little Ophelia - 10/13/97 16:35:26
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/Paris/Rue/1333
My Email:little_ophelia@full-moon.com
Most hated computer operating system: haven't decided yet
Least hated computer operating system: haven't decided that either yet
Nastiest softdrink: diet Mountain Dew
Nastiest aftertaste: um, vitamins?
Favorite four-letter word(s): ripe
Boxers or briefs?: boxers
Hey, very informative and inciting webpage. Have you (I am sure you have) been to the anonymizer webpage? Thanks for the cookie demonstration. Tell me, how does your GeoRewards account stack up after outing their benign banners? Yeah, the price of fre dom. Keep up the investigative journalism. ---l.O.

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