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Guess who does not like Macs! Go here for Macintosh humor, Mac pictures, and the Mac User Flame Page, as well as links to Mac bashing sites.
Windows humor, Microsoft Naming Conventions, Windows Errors, free programs and utilities, Windows 95 logo screens, customizing, and the Microsoft Piracy Police Time-Waster Page can be had on the Windows & Stuff page.
The jokes page is home to, duh, jokes. From microsoft to limerics to fun with computer newbies, it represents the best (and worst) of what you have sent us, as well as some from our own private collections.
The Newsroom contains news, bug reports, rumors, conspiracies (mostly Microsoft), the 'Up Yours' department, a Cookie security demonstration, and the legendary Bill Gates Fun Page.
And on the 'Misc.' page, we have That Really Pisses Me Off (a forum for gripes and complaints), Can That Spam (containing an anti spam page, the SpamBack spammer revenge tool, and the infamous SurplusDirect boycott that got us effectively kicked off Geocities in retaliation), a search engine spy, links, and a fun page for idiots.
a GeoCensored site

Awards we've given ourselves

Carpal Tunnel Site of the Week
Sell Out Site of the Month
for Destroying This Site to Conform to Some Stifling and Obnoxious Content Guidelines

Awards we've created for ourselves
Feel free to give yourself any of these awards, so long as it is linked back to here!

Mr. Yuck Award ...for Sites that Really Suck

The Rex X Award (for proficiency in crashing Web browsers)

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the lighter side of computing

Welcome to Snicker, the site best viewed with a rubber chicken. If this is your first time here, use the Quick Flick Bar over there to find what interests you and quickly flick yourself there. If this isn't your first time, you've probably noticed the completely new look of this page. Well, after listening to all those complaints about how crappy the colors were and how disorganized this page looked, we've gone ahead and taken the knife to it. Hope you like the new Index, 'cause all this table stuff was a real pain! Netscape Composer, our editor-of-choice, completely butchers the layout meaning hand-edits only from here on in. (After all, Real Men Use Notepad!) While you may not always notice it, this site's always being fiddled with, so come back often!

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Note: To ensure compatibility between the Xoom and GeoCities sides of this homepage, the GeoCities counter will soon be replaced with a third-party version that can be viewed from either side. Bear with us! Please be sure to test-drive the new Guestworld guestbook while you're here ;)
 We've had  actual, honest-to-goodness visits and 6530216 counter anomalies. As for the rest of you cheaters, you can go ahead and deflate those bogus counters any time now...

The GeoPop page contains a tribute to the GeoPop advertisement, as well as methods of disabling them on your own pages. (Look out- no GeoGuide! You WILL be popped! Careful!...)

Recent Snickerese Happenings

You will not encounter a GeoPop advertisement anywhere on this site without your consent. Our choice to disable this particular type of advertising was made because these ads have a tendency to cause browser and computer malfunctions, some of which may result in data loss. While we understand GeoCities' need for advertising to continue providing this free service, the importance of keeping our viewers' computers safer from crashes and data loss outweighs that of allowing GeoPop advertisements to appear for those whose browsers and computers cannot handle them. If your Web browser can display them without ill effects, please use the 'view ad' links to display the GeoPop advertisements. Because of our decision to disable GeoPop advertisements, GeoCities refuses to allow us to join the GeoGuide Banner exchange. I am disappointed that after GeoCities' VP General Manager Rich Rygg wrote me a letter expressing concern (or at least sounding concerned) about the popup problems, they still care more about their advertising buck than their members. Truth is, we love GeoCities. Since we set up this accout in February '97, we've made new friends here and had a lot of fun creating these pages. (And if you stay away from its eggs and don't stroke it the wrong way, the GeoSerpent won't bite you!) But, the GeoPop ads will not be allowed to display automatically on this site. And if GeoCities is unwilling to accept this decision, we will grudgingly delete our account and leave rather than be forced to accept responsibility for crashing your computer.

Movin' on up, movin' on out!
After putting up with Geocities and all its problems, cookies, spams and advertising ploys for many a month, GeoStitials were the last straw. Although we will continue to update the GeoCities side of this site, our new 5 MEG home has been procured at and our new official home is at

And we're in! ...or are we?
The first GeoGuide banner squeaked by, but after sending in a new one, no go. It's just too raunchy! A 16-color gradient guaranteed to hurt your eyes, and a blatant dislike of GeoPops. Nothing's changed around here, so it's gotta be the banner. Either that, or one of the Censors doesn't like us. (Maybe they are jealous of our Sell Out Site of the Month award??)

Tryin' again: Yes, we eventually did get into the old Georewards program. Of course, like all things do, things changed (thanks to the bigger, badder, beefier GeoGuide) and we were left out in the cold once again. So keep posted, and watch for our new GeoGuide banner (exactly the same as the old one, BTW, just with enough blank space added at the sides to make it the right size) on the new 'Guide; it should say something to the effect of 'GeoPops are evil' and bring in a level of traffic not unlike the Eisenhower expressway at about 5:30 pm.

Three megs? Three megs! Well, now that we have almost 1024k of unused space, how are we gonna fill it? Gimme some ideas here! Well, a few interesting morsels have already been suggested, unfortunately they probably won't work out as well as the senders had hoped (While the Bill Gates Voodoo Doll is a great idea, combined with the BG Fun Page it may be a little excessive. And I'm sure the Tickle Me Loundy would go over just great with GeoCities' head honchos!...</SARCASM>) All reasonable suggestions will be considered, but enough trying to make it 4 censors, okay?
The following suggestions are being considered and/or worked on at this time:

The Name This Page contest has drawn to a close. Frankly, we've grown rather attached to Snicker as our current and future name, although many excellent alternatives were provided. Thanks to you all for participating!

All 68 pages of this site were deleted for our boycott of one of GeoCities' advertisers, Surplus Direct. The original boycott page was considered defamatory, and the replacement is weaker than diet decaf. Thanks a lot, guys.

Censored again! What is with these people?!! Check out the latest muzzle-mail by clicking on Calvin.

We recently applied for Geo-rewards, which is supposed to get our cool banner into the Geoguide rotation. The Geos do not like this site because it is "so grim so true so real" and contains evil stuff <g>. We'll let you know when (if) we get in. Expect to see a few changes.

Our image in the Newsroom (Intel inside- Errata series) has been featured as's Intel Art of the Month. Our first high honor!

Special feature: Name This Page

The Name This Page contest is officially over. After much soul-searching and the input of many caring readers (both of them), we've decided to leave things the way they are. Long live Snicker! While we're not changing our name, so many good suggestions were submitted it would be a crime not to share them with you. So here are some of the excellent names suggested by whoever the heck suggested them:

    Fatal Exception (FX)
    This Damn Machine
    Page Fault
    Byte This
    This Bytes
    Boot Hill (Reboot hill?)
    Full Frontal Nerdity
    Direct Crash
    Bad command or file name
    Windows 95: The Modern Edsel
    The etheral ring 0 of serious humor
    A comedy of errors , lockups, crashes...
    General Who?

These are a few of our favorite rings...

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