About sharing the wealth
Everyone is cordially invited to send in jokes, pictures, comments, conspiracy theories, anything you've heard about Microsoft, suggestions for improvement, basically anything you can. Be sure to put in the 'subject' area what you're contributing (joke, suggestion, etc...) in case it's not that obvious.

Jokes, and stories for the Newsroom
We always need more for these areas. If you would like your name and/or a link to your homepage included with your contribution, tell us your name and/or URL and we'd be more than happy to put it in next time the page is updated. Updates happen anywhere from every day to once a week, as Web Guy's busy schedule permits.
Comments and suggestions
These are always welcome! Since we're not Everybody, we don't know how Everybody feels about our site, loading times for slow modems, how you feel about our colors, feelings about Mac bashing, or whether everyone's browser shows the pages correctly. A real live human being reads each and every one of your comments and will usually give a reply if one is called for--or even if it isn't.
Any flames Snicker recieves will be read and promptly forwarded to all of Snicker's Web crew. Flames may be saved and displayed on a Flame Page, should any be received. Just keep in mind that if you flame us we have the right, nay, the responsibility to hang onto them and humiliate the sender(s) at a later date.
Pictures, sounds and other media

Due to space limitations, we can't display everybody's artwork. However, the best or funniest stuff will be squeezed in somehow, and we'll keep it as long as possible before giving someone else the chance to be a star.

The Flip Side
We've talked about sending us stuff, but what about the other way around? Our policy on using materials from this site, agreed to by the entire Web Crew, is simple: Take it. Sure, go ahead. Just don't pass it off as your own, okay? Some sort of acknowledgement would be nice.
Note: Some of this material may NOT be ours. In these cases the image will be a link to a disclaimer of some sort, or an acknowledgement is placed right by it. Ask permission from the real owner (assuming they can be reached) regarding these.