Photo Gallery

Sox and undies laying out to dry..

"They said they fixed the dryer."

TSU Laundry Facility (as you can see, the dryers in my residence hall don't work as well as desired...)

Cars wearing stylin' new wheel boots

Some people just don't know how to park

FINGERBOY eat your heart out (Fingerboy knows who he is..)

This one's for the BOFH in the computer lab who won't let us play Quake..

Oh Traaaacy, I'm taking your piiiicture....

Guess some people just don't like having their picture taken...
(Ok, not exactly a TSU pic..this was taken on a roadtrip to Chicago for the weekend)

This'll make ya go blind too

Your beloved Webbmaster, trying to take a picture of himself with one of those disposable Osco cameras...
(Reminder to self: Don't stare directly into flash.)