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 Hangin Out
 Pre Halloween-Dance hangout
(Thought bubbles added for the ESP-impaired)
I'm the one w/ the fake blood ... damn I hope it's fake...
Jesh say Sheeze *hic!*
A few seconds later, tipsy camera operator (note odd photo angle)
Toni! There's a nose on your zit!
"It's not a zit, dood I kick your ass!"
Everybody laugh at Toni's huge, poorly-hidden monster pimple!
Somebody's been writing on MY door, said papa bear.
Whiteboard Defacement Crew (aka KRISTOFF) has returned!!
A yummy bowl of glop.
Yummy "*.*" concoction of pretty much every quasi-edible substance in the dining hall. (You'll see why I have this here in a sec.) Includes...
I think I'm going to hurl
Told ya you wouldn't be disappointed. Here's Nash eating a heaping scoop of the stuff for $7. Hmm... $7 to see Nash almost blow chunks at the table? Call it a dare!
Giuna Turns 21