The Photo Gallery is now in its third edition...
my collection of incriminating Prom pictures!
Dont laugh... it could happen to you too... OH YES IT COULD!
Of all the nights to get a #$%& flat tire, in someone else's car! You pull up to your date's house, step out and hear "Hsssss!", and just know it's gonna be one of those days :)
...what, you really thought that was MY set of wheels? (if it was, d'ya think I'd still be leeching webspace off of Freeweb?)
Through all the stuffy-hot monkeysuits and one killer sunburn, it's hard to tell what people are really thinking.
Having an expensive Prom dinner at a very fancy resaurant, the star-crossed couple dons bath towels to protect dresses and tuxes from the relentless onslaught of pizza drippings ... suddenly, unexpectedly and from out of nowhere, a camera appears ... I wasn't half so surprised, but boy does she look pissed!