When your provider bites, bite back...
It's common knowledge to many people that if your Web host puts annoying popup ads on your page, you can get rid of them (if the code is put at the end of the file) by putting <NOSCRIPT> at the end of all your pages. If you have a large number of files, however, this can get very tedious and time-consuming. This program simplifies and automates the process of putting pop-blocking code at the end of your webpages. On GeoCities pages this also takes care of the floating "watermark" logo.
Download PopStopper! - (.zip, 40KB)
Alternate download page on members.xoom.com
Again, this software only works if your provider puts the popup code at the end of the file. Some put it in the <HEAD> area; you guys are on your own.
This software currently is known to stop pops on (this is an incomplete list at best): This software doesn't block pops on: If you don't see a certain popup-infested provider here,  and tell me their name/address.
Special note: If your page is on GeoCities, you can also use PopStopper to add the GeoGuide ad to your pages instead of <NOSCRIPT>...that nukes your popups with the full backing of GeoCities Corp. In the file fix.ini that comes with PopStopper, remove the <NOSCRIPT> and replace it with <!--#geoguide-->. It is strongly recommended that you use <BR> tags to insert a lot of whitespace before the ad, so that it annoys your visitors as little as possible. 

Here is the Readme file for PopStopper!. It is also included in the .zip file.:

PopStopper! Version 1.0 - Prevent popup ads on many 'free' homepages - GIP Software

To read this file in Notepad or similar editor, turn Word Wrap on.
Many free Web hosting companies have chosen to implement "pop-up" ads on their members' sites that pop up in a new browser window and must be clicked away. In many cases this has been done out-of-the-blue without the consent of these members. Popups are a scourge that plagues many free Web pages--yours doesn't have to be one of them!--and makes surfing the Web an unenjoyable and sometimes hazardous experience (popups can cause your Web browser to crash). To ensure that surfing your website is a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors, this program makes supressing popups on many free servers a breeze.

This program inoculates many 'free' homepages against infection by intrusive JavaScript-based popup ads, by appending code to the end of the document that foils the script's function. Console ads or "pop-ups" are advertisements that are now often placed on free Websites to generate extra revenue for the host, which load in a separate browser window when a page is opened. These ads are not only intrusive and annoying, they can also cause browser software like Netscape Navigator or MSIE to crash in certain situations.
The methods used by this program to protect your files against popup ads will work on any server that appends the popup script to the *end* of the HTML document--these include GeoCities, Prohosting and many other free webspace providers.

For safety's sake, be sure to make backup copies of all your files before you run this program. That way you can easily restore the originals if you'd like to reverse the changes made.
When you run POPSTOP.EXE it will first ask for a directory. Type the directory path where your webpages (*.HTML files) are. It will then ask if you'd like to make backups of all files that are to be inoculated against popup infection. (You should have done this already; if you haven't, CHOOSE YES!). PopStopper! will then append the necessary HTML to your pages to supress popup ads.
REMEMBER: This is an MS-DOS based program. Even if you have Windows 95, always give the file paths in MS-DOS style (8 characters max, no spaces), NOT Windows long filenames. If you get "file not found" or wierd errors, double-check to make sure you're using DOS file paths. (To find a DOS path or filename in Windows 95, right-click the icon of the file or directory and select 'Properties'.)
Technical nitty-gritty
Popup ads are implemented with the window.open() JavaScript function to display an advertisement in a separate browser window. PopStopper! is an automated method of inserting HTML code at the end of your document, before the popup script, that will prevent Web browser software from executing it.
Blinding the Browser:
There are two preferred methods of making browsers ignore JavaScript:
1) a <NOSCRIPT> tag
This method works by creating a soft of "catch-22" on the browser: Browsers that support JavaScript ignore anything within a <NOSCRIPT> section because this material is meant to be displayed only in browsers that DON'T support JavaScript, in place of the script (this area is often used by Web designers to display text such as "Your browser does not support JavaScript; this script will not work", etc.). Browsers that DON'T support JavaScript (early versions, for example) don't recognize the <NOSCRIPT> tag and ignore it anyway.

2) a SCRIPT tag that references a nonexistant scripting language, e.g. <SCRIPT language="Sanskrit">
This method works by making the browser think you're using some new scripting language it doesn't support. If an unsupported language is used, the script interpreter will ignore everything within the <SCRIPT> area, until a </SCRIPT> tag is encountered. Therefore any JavaScript coming after the <SCRIPT> tag will not be executed.

This program is set up to use the <NOSCRIPT> method by default. The HTML used is stored in the file fix.ini and can be modified by the user.
Quick Help
Please read this section before complaining about this software not working. Some common questions/problems are addressed here.

Q. POPSTOP is giving me file-not-found or wierd error messages when I enter "C:\My Web Page\With A Really Long Name\" as the location of my webpages.
A. This is an MS-DOS program and will not recognize Windows long filenames or paths. Make sure directory/file names you are using are no more than 8 characters and do not contain spaces or other characters that are not allowed in an MS-DOS filename.
Q. Does this program support subdirectories?
A. No. It will only inoculate files in the directory specified. (Besides, many free webhosts don't allow subdirectories anyway.)
Q. Can I distribute POPSTOP? Are there any restrictions on program distribution?
A. There are only two restrictions on distributing the file:
   1. It's FREEWARE. It must be distributed free-of-charge, excluding the cost of the media itself (e.g. if you are putting it on a 50-cent floppy disk, you can charge 50 cents to cover the floppy itself). You cannot distribute it for any kind of profit, or in such a way that you profit from its distribution.
   2. It must be distributed in its original, unmodified form. Don't add things to the .zip file, remove files from it, or make any changes to the files.
The program is NOT public domain, so I (Bill Webb) still hold copyright on it. Source code is included for the sake of convenience and curiosity. If you are familiar with programming, feel free to make changes and improvements to the program, but don't steal any of the source code, e.g. for use in another program. Please don't rip code without permission.

Comments, Suggestions, Difficulties, Bug Reports, Eternal Gratitude, Flames...
Feel free to write me (Bill Webb) at bgip@hotmail.com. If you're having trouble or reporting a bug, be sure to tell me the program version and any error-message you receive. If you really find this program useful, donations are always welcome to help cover my junkfood and Taco Bell expenses.

Disclaimers and liability stuff
This software is distributed AS IS, without any warranties express or implied. In no event shall the author be held liable for problems arising from the use of this program, including any program bugs, malfunctions, acts of God or user mistakes that may occur.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Blocking popup ads on your free webspace,
either with this program or with other methods, may be against your host's
rules. The author accepts no resonsibility for any difficulties that may arise as a result of your breaking your host's rules or Terms Of Service.
All trademarks used in this document are hereby acknowledged as the property of their respective owners. (Lawsuits suck ass.)
PopStoppper! README, 1/23/99

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