Executive Document Shredder
*Freeware* secure file deletion utility for MS-DOS and Windows

Technical Overview

Executive Document Shredder is a secure file deletion utility that can be run in DOS and Windows environments. It works by overwriting or 'recording over' the data contained in a file several times, with an alternating byte pattern, closing the file near its beginning (to mask the original filesize), then deleting it. Once this has been done, the file is completely unrecoverable. UNDELETE and other file recovery utilities will not be able to bring back this data. EDS is freeware, and can be downloaded and used free-of-charge by anyone who wishes to do so.

More Information

A normal DOS/Windows file deletion only removes all references to a file. The data remains on the drive until another file happens to overwrite it. Anyone with a disk utility and a desire to read the file can usually recover the file in its entirety, even years after it has been deleted.
Executive Document Shredder is a utility that "shreds" a file in such a way that it cannot be recovered. This is useful for sensitive data that you would rather someone not see, for example, competitors, your parents, or the F.B.I.  By putting it in the directory specified by PATH= in your config.sys file (usually C:\DOS or C:\Windows\Command), it can be used from within any directory.

Usage: SHRED [path] filename.ext
Registering EDS with different file types

Under Windows 95, it can be added to the associations for .TXT, .DOC, and other files by selecting View -> Options from  any Explorer window, and selecting the File Types tab. Once you register SHRED.EXE with them, it will appear on your right-click menu for these file types. Additionally, a file can be shredded by dragging its icon onto the shredder or any shortcut
to it.

The program will ask you to confirm the shredding of the file before destroying it. Please use this program with caution, as a  shredded file can *not* be recovered. Make absolutely sure that you no longer want the specified file.

We've tried very hard to make this program fast, compact, and reliable. Similar programs can gobble up several megabytes of disk space (not to mention cost you some money); this one occupies about  50KB. EDS will shred a 16MB file in under 30 seconds on most hard drives. Shredding of normal-size documents is near instantaneous.

Click here to download Executive Document Shredder 1.2
Format: ZIP
Size: 40 KB
Operating systems: Runs on MS-DOS, Windows 3.x, 95, 98...

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