GeoCities Parody Songs Contest Page
Welcome to the my part in the GeoCities Parody Songs Contest! Well, it used to be just the Parody Songs Page. It got so big, I've decided to split them up by author, and let each author write their own page (that way everyone has freedom of font, colors, etc.) and I'll link them all. This page is my entry for a running GeoSong parody contest among members of the GeoSucks mailing list. It is hoped that potential Geo victims (and maybe potential Geo advertisers) will stumble onto this page, find out the truth about GeoCities, and reconsider...
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Here are the ones I've done  (grouped by artist parodied)...
Spotlight (Rush)
Promises Broken (Soul Asylum)
Drunk (Gin Blossoms)
Tell me (Enya)
Go Away
New beginnings
Paint the sky with stars
GeoCensored II (Metallica)
The Memory Remains
Better Than You
Listen To Your Wallet (Roxette)
It's Been Fun
Had Enough (Cyndi Lauper)
Note: the MIDI files here are not always accurate, in fact many skip verses, etc; keep this in mind if you're following along to one...

(to Rush's "Limelight")
[midi] Sing along!

Promises Broken
(to Soul Asylum's "Let Your Dim Light Shine")
(to The Gin Blossoms' "Drunk")
An Important Note
Many of these titles/artists/songs I chose because the particular song was easy to parody (or in the case of that long string of Enya stuff) I happened to have the CD playing and was just kind of on a roll. By parodying any particular song or artist, I am not endorsing the said artist or title--I'm not saying "Hey, I like this song" but just doing it 'cause it's convenient. This message is especially aimed at any marketer who is reading this, inferring my personal preferences and habits, contemplating spamming me for a new Gin Blossoms CD or whatever.
If you've got a page of Geo parody songs up-and-running, email me the URL and I'll add it above.
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