Hey, I've come up with a method of removing the banner ads/pop-ups on WebProvider. They're an excellent service, giving you 5mb space, your own sub-domain, and the ability to run your own CGI scripts, the latter of which I exploited to remove the ads. I've come up with two methods. METHOD ONE: I poked around on WebProvider's support forums, and found that inserting into your page would place the ad as a banner rather than as a pop-up. That's fine, except that it inserts the same code that it would in the pop-up, which sometimes comes complete with a meta tag that refreshes the window to ad2.html after 45 seconds. Two solutions to this. At the end of your page, put: To comment the possible meta tag. Or create a file ad2.html, with the line: Which will bounce the browser back to your page if it gets redirected to ad2.html. METHOD TWO: (Which I prefer and use) How about doing away with the popup completely? No problem. WebProvider chose not to insert pop-up code into the output from a CGI script. Hmm... are you thinking what I'm thinking? Yup, simply use a CGI script that opens your HTML files and prints them out. Simple as that. Here's the script, which we'll call view.cgi. --- #!/usr/local/bin/perl print "Content-type:text/html\n\n"; ($junk, $file) = split(/=/, $ENV{'QUERY_STRING'}); # Change s/sample to (first letter of your userid)/(your userid) if (stat("/disk1/s/sample/public_html/$file") != 0) { open (INF, "/disk1/s/sample/public_html/$file"); @filein = ; close (INF); foreach $line(@filein) { print "$line"; } } else { print "File not foundError: File $file not found."; } --- So now, to view any page (for example, page.html), completely free of any banner or pop-up code, we'd just go to http://sample.webprovider.com/view.cgi?file=page.html But you don't want to send out your url like that, do you? It looks so much nicer to have your own domain.... so make an index.html like this: >--- > > > > > >vlink="#ffffff"> >Skipping WebProvider ad... > > > > >--- Which should redirect the user almost immediately to view.cgi?file=page.html, whether or not they have a JavaScript enabled browser. Enjoy! Dennis Conway s23 --at-- flashmail.com