Here are sample images from my Dakota camera showing a variety of real-world picture-taking conditions (click on the thumbnail to display the fullsize image).


Bright morning sun from behind (backlighting). If only my own car were in such good condition.

In full afternoon sun, the man of many thoughts ponders vigorously. The grainy asphalt in the foreground probably contributes to the large file size.

Overcast afternoon sun. This is the start of a beautiful relationship with Bondo.

Nighttime, with flash. This pseudorandom partygoer is modeling a traditional neo-natal knit cap.


Indoor with crummy fluorescent lighting. Our unshaven hero posts the latest findings to Revjim's wiki, then gives serious consideration to finally getting off his lazy duff and changing that wallpaper now that the entire Internet is laughing at him.

Shows the camera's (lack of) performance in very low-light conditions (a completely darkened basement). Pictured here are a bag of neon bulbs grooving on about 8kV and an MGD bottle filled with eerie blue high-voltage plasma streamers (yeah, yeah, should have used a Corona bottle). Although reasonably bright to the eye, they are barely visible in these (cropped) photos even after adjusting the brightness until the JPEG artifacts are just about unbearable. The only other illumination comes from the flash with my finger over it, which (despite putting my best finger forward) introduces a dull red glow.

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