Here are sample images from Dakota cameras whose lenses have been adjusted for different distances (click on the thumbnail to display the fullsize image) The lens can be adjusted from infinity down to closer than 1 inch.

The rat nest pictured here is a simple switching power supply that converts 12V to 60V. The large resistors at right are a low-resistance load for testing purposes (though ridiculously under-rated). Focal length is about 6 inches.

An eyeball at a focal length of a couple inches. Actually, the eyeball itself is a little too close (and thus somewhat blurred); the reflection of the camera flash appears to be closer to the optimum distance.

The hair of my chinny-chin-chin, which I didn't bother shaving that day. Focal length is about an inch or less. It could be adjusted closer, but then it's too close for the camera's flash to actually illuminate what's under the lens, and I was too lazy to find a proper light source.

Another Dakota camera user adjusted his lens and sent the following close-up pictures.

Closeup of a 19" computer monitor. Pictured here is the task icon for an annoying but well-known online service.

Closeup of a diamond engagement ring. At this adjustment the Dakota does take a very flattering picture (either that, or the rock really IS that big. I wonder what it would look like on that 19" monitor?)

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