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New Server
Really, I didn't expect this site to become so popular so fast. I overran my Mindspring/Netcom monthly bandwidth allotment in only 9 days! So, I had to move the site temporarily to a couple new servers...

Main server: (accessed thru

I set up HTTP service on the aging Cyrix/150 box in my room. It's connected thru a fractional T1, so unless all the other users are downloading the newest Unreal demo the only things that should slow it down are high traffic and your own modem :) This server may go offline occasionally, e.g. during local power outages (happens way too often, imho), system crashes or when it is mastering a CD (this requires uninterrupted access to the hard drive and CPU, or the disc may be ruined).

Please let me know if you have any problems accessing this server (eg. slow connection, "document contains no data", inaccessible or other problems)

Backup server: (also accessed thru, or
For when the main server is down... I'll try to update the TSX redirector durning any "expected" downtime on my Cyrix box...