Ugh... I'm hungry. I hate working through lunch... even if it means I get to trash people's
    webpages! "Hey Lisa, what you doing on your break at 3?" Lisa then said "Piss off, mac!" I
    guess that means she's doing something. Oh well. I'm gonna go to the mall and eat lunch at
    Chick Fil'A.

    Yummy! I love greasy food. Hey, I'll file this lunch on my expense report for kicks. Hmm, I
    might as well write off any artery injury as covered by worker's comp too.

    Being the Bastard Geo From Hell means eating icky food, and liking it.

    I'm back at work... Some fat idiot bullied me out of my table at The Junkery food court, so I'm
    eating at my desk. Well, so it isn't EXACTLY my desk... it's Tom's. Well, I'm done. I'm outta
    here... Later...

    Tom walks into his office. He says, "Hey, Elaine, did you wash my desk? It's so shiny..." Lisa
    says, "Um, no..." Tom sits down. About this time I peek into his office to see what the aftermath
    is. Tom takes a whiff and says, "Um, Elaine, didn't they close that chicken-processing plant
    yet?" Elaine says yes. Tom picks up a piece of paper from his desk. He then sees me through
    the paper and starts screaming. I tell him I am innocent, then he pulls out a surveillance camera
    tape and shows me eating chicken at his desk. I plead with him not to send it to Fox for
    "Busted on the Job." He agrees, on the condition that I eat my lunches in the lunchroom from
    now on. I agree. Hey, at least I didn't pee in a customer's coffee cup.


    Today, I got a couple of public opinion sites pulled, told InterNIC to delete geoshitties.com
    (maybe that Index of / thing might imply something, like GeoCities' emptiness...?) and
    purchased geosucks.com so that nobody else gets it and puts our main HTML page up on it.
    Damn, I'm smart!

    Being a Bastard Rookie In Training means making pointless decisions without asking your


    I've got an idea. Today I made an icon based on the new logo at GeoCities! It's pretty funny...


    When it comes to anti-GeoCities images, we ex-homesteaders are the best. Especially when
    the BGFH was the one who nuked us! Anyway, yesterday I sent an ascii art Hitler to
    comments@geocities.com 500 times, with a caption that read "OBEY YOUR BOSS."

    --Meeting of BGFH and BRIT--

    BGFH: How many sites have you deleted this week?
    BRIT: 1 million.
    BGFH: How many of them were on our servers?
    BRIT: Thirteen.
    BGFH: Very good! Did Xoom give you any trouble?
    BRIT: No, they're doing very good at deleting our Ex-Geo sites! They're using some Bull$#!+
    excuse on FTP like "We're making sites read-only to prevent trouble."
    BGFH: Why doesn't the boss just buy them out? It'd be the same result.
    BRIT: I think he's afraid the buyout will get publicity. That's what foiled the Webring bit!
    BGFH: Oh yeah, thanks to the Webring guy posting in the forum, now we can't add those
    BRIT: Well, I gotta go. We're out of donuts.
    BGFH: Oh no! This is bad!