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Subject: macs--read it all
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 1997 17:50:50 -0400
From: Chris S****** <*****@geocities.com>
Organization: Boston University
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For someone who doesn't want to waste his time, this guy sure has a lot to say ;). In fact, the next two are also his...

Subject: sorry
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 1997 17:55:47 -0400
From: Chris S****** <*****@geocities.com>
Organization: Boston University
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Okay, good point.

Subject: command-line?
Date: Tue, 12 Aug 1997 18:08:48 -0400
From: Chris S****** <*****@geocities.com>
Organization: Boston University
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Date: Wed, 08 Oct 1997 17:51:30 -0500
From: Dan F******<******@worldnet.att.net>
Reply-To: ******@geocities.com
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   And this guy used a phony address, of course!

Subject: Your Site
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 1997 19:05:35 EDT
From: ****** <******@aol.com>
Organization: AOL (http://www.aol.com)
To: snicker_page@[NoSpamBots].geocities.com
  Hehe, twisted and tormented. Finally a Mac user who speaks the truth! (BTW, the site was made on a Cyrix P200+ running Windows 95. WG hasn't touched the Mac SE for about a year now.

Date: Sun, 30 Nov 1997 15:06:29 PST
From: "j b" <******@hotmail.com>
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Subject: real information
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 13:18:56 +0100
From: Niklas D****** <******@data.haninge.kth.se>
To: bgip@ix.[NoSpamBots].netcom.com
  Subject: ...
Date: Fri, 20 Mar 1998 21:58:13 +0100
From: Peter O****** <******@mailbox.swipnet.se>
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Subject: simple questions
Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 01:20:37 +0000
From: Lars-Erik <******@goteborg.mail.telia.com>
Organization: mail1.telia.com
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Hmm... Three days, three Mac mails from Sweden. Pattern? Pattern! (Or are they all sending the URL of that Mac page to each other...)

Date: Sat, 26 Sep 1998 15:39:05 PDT
From: Brian ****** <******@hotmail.com>
To: bgip@ix.[NoSpamBots].netcom.com, bgip@ix.[NoSpamBots].netcom.com Sorry you received that 'bounce' message there, try taking the [NoSpamBots] out of my email address before sending... Who said anything about an 8088? Yes, they're pieces of shit too. That's why I 'settled' for a Cyrix P200+ instead... MS-DOS loads in approx 2.5 seconds. Get into that Windows crap, and that's different... Good move. Or you'll get one pre-loaded on the hard drive, just like a Mac...
Or get Linux, not only is it FREE but also much more stable than either MacOS or WindOS... If you buy a computer, any computer, and it doesn't come with the hardware necessary to make it usable, I'd strongly suggest you find a different vendor. Hmm... I don't have a second HD. Or extra RAM. Or a SCSI card. Or a second video card. Or Windows training manuals, or a network adapter. My computer seems to be running just dandy. Again, mine seems to be missing. Then again, in my dorm, on a single-user PC, I'm having a lot of trouble finding 'other users' to link up to. Actually, I can probably get that second HD I don't need with the money I saved on the network card I don't need. Makes two uf us :)
Anyway, modern computers come with 16 IRQs, and (unless designed by a monkey) the EIDE interface, etc. are built in and do not eat interrupts or expansion slots. You can also stack multiple devices on the same IRQ, e.g. my soundcard and printer share IRQ7.
And don't even get me started on virtual IRQs... I don't know where Mr. PC bought his RAMless, videoless, OS-less, soundcard-less, IRQless computer, but if he didn't send it back IMMEDIATELY and demand a refund, he is an idiot and should be tarred and feathered at his earliest convenience.
BTW, are we still on the subject of Mac SE's and 8088s here? I have yet to see an 8088 with a hard drive, let alone a 3D card or network adapter. I said my Mac SE sucked; I didn't say that ALL Macs necessarily sucked. Now I'm lost. My PC is no trouble to "get into"; the case slides off allowing for easy upgrades--I know because I just installed an HP 5G tape drive in one of my many free drive bays on my minitower (drive bay--what's that?)...it's nice to stick it right into the computer instead of plugging it into a SCSI hub in the back and having this clunky box on my desk getting in my way...
The one time I tried to "get into" my Mac was when contemplating an upgrade to--wow--2MB. I was stopped in my tracks by the DO NOT OPEN...warranty will be void...shock hazard...no user-serviceable parts...warnings that adorn the back. Hey man, text is cool. You're probably reading text right now. (If not, there's probably something wrong.) ...As stated before, a Mac SE is a turd. An 8088 is a turd. For the record, I don't use either. Being not-gay myself, the idea of getting laid by a gay man is not a welcome prospect in any event...but I digress.
"...busy with the other hand." Point: PC users spank the monkey while they work. Counter point: Speaking of having a lot of time on one's hands, this sure is a looooong message... :) Absolutely right. I suppose "Because you use a PC, you must masturbate..." does not. Sniffle, sniff... SE: 7MHz
Speaking of PII (is that another term for 8088?)...450Mhz right now. My ol' 286 word-processed just fine... my P200 hasn't been having trouble... "Mouth-breathing..." <flame on> Mr. PC's index fingers are probably a lot less bloody than Mr. Mac's dragging knuckles...<flame off> Sorry, just had to say it :) The sounds both Mac and PC make are incredibly annoying. Windows sounds are easy to turn off. My PC hasn't 'pinged' in over a year. I haven't seen a way to disable the Mac SE beep short of cutting the speaker cable (which means opening the case...BZZZERT!) You are probably referring to the FDIV precision bug present in the original Pentium. Cyrix processors don't have the math erratum. (For that matter, I don't think the 8088 did either...) Seven whopping megahertz. (Yes, we're still talking Mac SE here...) Oh, we're back to 8088 now. Wish folks could make up their minds... I didn't say "Macs are hard to turn on", I said Macs are hard for Mac users to turn on. The idea being, the Mac SE user is not very bright. Like everything else you're rebutting here, it's a JOKE. As in, Not to be taken literally. The gross generalization that all Mac SE users are stupid (just like all PC users nerk their throbbers) is quite possibly no more valid than the average blond/Pollock joke, though both proliferate. Again, JOKE. You're referring to the one about the Mac user trying to upgrade his hard-drive transfer rate to 33.6Kbps...Hell, my 3.5" floppy (PC or MAC) does better than that.
On a side note, EIDE (not the old standard IDE) is not only fast, it's a lot cheaper than SCSI. Always has been, always will be. "another <fill in name>" I've never seen this one before...do Macs come pre-loaded with a joke saying the same about PC floppies (or blondes, or Polish, for that matter?) ...As for 10,000 lawyers at the bottom of the Atlantic, I still think it's a good idea... By PB I assume you mean Packard Bell. I *know* those are pieces of shit; a friend had a PB that died within a year...I've seen several "I bought a Packard Bell and it burst into flames when I plugged it in" support groups, as well as an Official PB Hardware Failure Web Ring...
About designing websites on my SE... 1) No Modem. 2) No way to install it even if I had one.
So that leaves writing it on the SE, saving to floppy,  sticking the floppy in my PC (which HAS a modem) and trying to convert between Mac/PC disk formats. Problem: Disks written with the SE 800K floppy drive cannot be read by a 1.44MB PC drive no matter what conversion software you use. So I guess that leaves typing the HTMl, printing it, then trying to scan it into the PC with HTML-aware OCR software, which doesn't exist. Or just save print time and read off the code you type on the Mac to your friend on the PC so he can retype it. Oh, so you're an Apple employee. Hmmm...

(BTW: Due to the length of this mail (yes, somebody had a LOT of time on their hands) I won't be making comments on every point...)

Woah... There's a Yahoo now? Man, this page has been around longer than I thought...
(Bullcrap aside, at the time of the writing the entire Web Crew (4 at the time) went on an all-out search for anti-PC drivel residing somewhere other than www.apple.com. Didn't find any...) I run Windows programs from floppies. WS_FTP is one of them, I run it from a diskette in the school computer lab, as installing stuff is forbidden. As soon as the program is loaded, you can take out the disk no trouble. And when a program *does* require its diskette for any reason, all I've gotten is a friendly "please insert disk" rather than the 'choke' you refer to. Of course, if it's not your disk.... or if your friend wants to borrow it... or your English report (due tomorrow!) is on it...of course you can always take an F; in a power outage you're not going to be using your printer either. Mine boots from a CD. It will boot from the Windows 95 Cd-rom, for example. CD boot instructions are written into the system BIOS. Yep. Name one: The iMac, for one. You said so yourself. And my SE won't boot from any floppy but the Mac distribution disk (mine was lost in a fire anyway) with its stripped-down System that's only good for installing the rest of the system off five *other* floppies onto your hard drive. Really useful if your hard drive's crashed. Mine doesn't. The only thing close is the "Programmer's Switch" that mine didn't come with. If I boot Windows without a mouse plugged in, it tells me there is no mouse plugged in and tells me I can safely plug it in at that point. The computer doesn't suffer a hardware failure when I do. I'm afraid I don't understand. Changing the name of the delete command (move to Trash, move to RB, move to /dev/null...) does not make it function differently. Delete deletes, by any other name it's still deleting. Not quite what I said. The point was that the "Undo" command is rather pointless, considering the fact that if you make a mistake when renaming something you can use the 'backspace' key to delete the error and correct it. A typo is a relatively easy thing to correct, unlike an accidental "Guassian blur" in Photoshop, and really doesn't need Undo. First: Of course nobody trashes something they find out later that they need. That's why Macs don't have a Trash. That's why Windows doesn't have a Recycle bin. That's why there's no such thing as undelete.
Second: Don't let the System empty the trash for you, without permission, behind your back while you're in another application.
Third: I think I made the point pretty clearly that my Mac SE has no "undelete" command. Of course, I could shell out $$$ for something that, if the system worked correctly in the first place, I wouldn't need. Actually, it has 32MB. That's with Windows VMM turned off. Otherwise it's limited only by my HD space. It's funny, I've never had an "Out Of Memory" error in Windows. (Or DOS with DOS4GW for that matter) I'd like to see me buy W98. THAT would be a hoot. I've never tried to use "!!!Holy!Shit!Cool!File!!!" as a filename. Maybe my files just aren't as exciting as yours.
PS. Windows has no problem with exclamation points. Screenshot from my desktop... Because this is a page about my old Mac. Any further questions? No, I never had to press the reset button on my Mac. It doesn't have one. Reach in the back turn it off, turn it back on...that's a different story. At least it kept that 'bomb' graphic from burning into the monitor. :) I DID eventually get back to him--he left a bogey GeoShitties address in the reply-to, but left his home address in From:. I sent back some rebuttal, and ended up getting a nice apologetic email from the same address. (Methinks his Mommy wrote it.) I think there's a big factory somewhere that mass-produces 'em, by the millions. That's how those 900 psychic lines and Windows training classes stay in business.

*Names and addresses removed to protect the identity of the sources. (we know there are a LOT of Mac haters out there, and we wouldn't want these here folks to sustain any splash damage as a result of their flames...)

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