Microsoft Naming Conventions

Microsoft spends millions of dollars having the psychological effects of product names analyzed.

Ever notice some of these product names? They are specifically designed to make Microsoft look better, allay a dumb user's fears of running the software, or just give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside. Here are some examples:

MSAV (em´-save)
Microsoft Anti-Virus, a slimmed, trimmed, and underpowered derivative of
Central Point Antivirus, is the very worst of any AV programs ever produced
(according to PC Magazine, Byte, Family PC, NCSA tests, and
PC Security and Virus Protection).
Yet, just say the name. Go ahead, say it. Doesn't it give you that warm,
secure feeling inside? Em-save. If I'm ever infected by a mean nasty old
virus, Microsoft will save and protect me. I am an impermiable fortress to
viruses. Em-save.
WIN (win)
This is the common abbreviation for Windows, as well as what you would
type at a DOS prompt to invoke Windows. Say it a few times. Win.
I am a winner. I have the best, most advanced and easy-to-use operating
system ever made. It will make me more efficient and productive, and
therefore more succesful than those poor losers running those other
operating systems. Win.
Yeah. To enter the wonderful world of Windows, type WIN. And to boot MacOS, type
See also: Win95, Win3.X, WinNT, Win_ini.
IEXPLORE (I´-ex-plore´)
Microsoft Internet Explorer's actual filename. I Explore. I am an explorer.
No, not just an explorer. An adventurer. The Master of this mystical world
known as the Web. To explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life,
and new civilizations. To boldly go where no one has gone before!
I Explore.
FDISK (Ef´-disk)
This little beauty can royally screw up one's computer, especially if
they aren't familiar with this command. Let's suppose they start up
the computer and see that Scandisk message because they didn't shut
down. Hmmm, Fdisk?. Must stand for 'Fix Disk'. Oh well let's try it...
And the FDISK prompts don't help either: 'Create partition for fixed disk'
...Duh, it must'ave corrected an error Scandisk missed. Hello, what's this
partition thing? Maybe it will fix the disk even better...WHAM! Farewell,
Hcl (H-C-L)
Stands for Hardware Compatability List, as well as being the chemical
name for hydrochloric acid. Finally, one that makes sense!

Question: If Windows is WIN, Windows 95 is WIN95, Windows 3.X is WIN3.X, Windows NT is WinNT... what is WINDOWS CE?

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