When you work with a network that delivers millions unique visitors per month, a co-registration program is an extremely effective way to advertise. Rankyou.com has developed into one of the largest networks in the world seen each month by millions of unique viewers. Therefore, our co-registration program works tremendously for our various clients. Essentially, this program allows you to purchase a targeted consumer who has expressed interest in your company specifically. More over, you are able to retain that person's information thus allowing you to return market to that individual ; an invaluable asset when putting together marketing campaigns.

There are two types of Co-Registration campaigns we have available to our clients:

  1. First off is the opt-in co-registration program. With this program, you have a check box with text that explains what product/services you and your company offers. The box is left unchecked and when someone checks that box (opts in), their information is sent to you so that you can market to them. Obviously since this person just took the time to read and check your box asking for more information about your company, this is an extremely valuable asset to attain. And again, at that point, once the information is sent to you, you then own that person's information allowing you to return market to that individual down the road. As in all types of marketing, persistence pays off - and this program allows you to be as persistent as you like with your marketing efforts.

  2. Secondly, we have an opt-out co-registration program. With this program, the same overall premise as above remains. However with this program, your check box is left checked, giving the user the option to uncheck (opt-out) of your offer. There are several reasons why an opt-out program can be extremely advantageous to an advertiser. Obviously, there is a rather large discrepancy when you compare the price of an opt-out lead to that of an opt-in lead. Also, because of the shear volume that opt-out leads can be delivered in each day, it can boost up sales or subscriptions to your newsletter at a blistering pace and end up being much more cost effective than an opt-in campaign.

For more detailed information on our Co-Registration campaigns, please contact us at advertising@rankyou.com or (760) 682-1000.