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This page is based on a (small) collection of actual posts to the GeoCities (tm) help forums. Underlined (not-linked) posts indicate that this was the actual message structure at the time these posts were collected, but the replies are unavailible. Names have been obscured to protect the identity of the sources. If anyone has actual posts lying around from the OLD GeoCities help forums they'd like to see here, send them as attachments (text or HTML) to sir_hitler@hotmail.com and they may be added here. If you see one of your own posts here and would rather it not be displayed here, email sir_hitler@hotmail.com and say so (if possible, try to include some sort of proof that it's really your post...)
Material on these pages is not written by the creator of HitlerCities, and so this stuff is not the property of said creator. All materials are the property of their respective creators.