Disclaimers (The long version) :
Part 1: Property of...
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Part II: He said, she said... (or, "Bill, Shut the hell up!")
Opinions expressed on any of these pages are just that--opinions. Any opinions expressed are those of myself or contributors to the site, and are not necessarily those of my family, my friends, my ISP, my friends' ISPs, the world at large, or those scary creatures on the Alien movies. Opinions are by their very nature not slanderous; however, somebody out there seems to think otherwise, so I reiterate this fact now: Opinions are by their very nature not slanderous, libellous, defaming or in any way illegal. If I say, "I think G******** Corp. is made up of disrespectful, greedy swine", it is no different from me saying, "I think Diet Pepsi tastes nasty." (Pepsi is a trademark of Pepsi Corporation.) Although most readers are endowed with human brains and intelligence and should be able to  a) identify an opinion when they hear it and  b) decide for themselves whether or not they choose to share the opinion, an opinion page on this site may be marked as such to remove all doubt from lesser minds (and butts from slings). Anyone having a grievance with an opinion I choose to express is encouraged to take it up with me directly.
PS. There are several parodied company logos on my site. Please note that such material is not a violation of copyright/trademark but is a protected form of free speech. Sorry guys...
Part III: Endorsements (This site will make you run faster and jump higher, Michael Jordan says so...)
This page is in no way endorsed (let alone approved of) by my ISP, my Web host(s), my ex-Web hosts, or any of their advertisers. By linking to another site, I do not intend the link to represent any endorsement of the materials on that site. Nor should links from other sites be taken as endorsements for, or from, any party.
Part IV: Contact info (or, "Cuss words, just let 'em roll...")
All factual information on this site is just that--factual. So, every effort will be made to insure that this information is accurate and timely. If you believe you have spotted an inaccuracy, ambiguity or other problem with it, please contact me so I can investigate and correct the error, if one exists. As for other opinions, criticisms, begs to differ, etc., these are always welcomed so long as they are presented in an intelligent and coherent manner. Please refrain from sending flames, because they just waste bandwidth and time for both the reader and the writer. Flamers may be awarded a pair of asbestos BVD's and/or have the honor of having their stupidity ridiculed publicly on a Flame Page.
Part V: Mine, mine, mine!
All text materials on this site are copyright (C) by Bill Webb or members of the former Web Crew (hereafter, WC) unless otherwise noted. Some graphics have been created by others, parodied, or just stolen. These are not purely original material but may still be protected. Anyone can download materials for their own personal use, including images, text, programs and other files. Almost anyone can quote the material, so long as appropriate credit is given. (Exceptions are large businesses such as G********, anyone using the material for profit either directly or indirectly, and anyone using the materials aforementioned against myself, my company, etc. Although unlikely, a situation may arise where I must request that copyrighted materials from this site be removed from yours. If this happens (very unlikely) it is expected that such requests will be honored.) Materials provided by other sources (including text rants, images, and other files) are the property of their respective creators. Submitting material implies permission to use it on the site, however if you have changed your mind about having it displayed here, I will cheerfully remove it if asked nicely.
Part VI: Anything I have not covered.
Anything I have not covered. Every attempt has been made to cover my ass, but if you spot any legal liabilities, omissions or catch-22's, please let me know before somebody's lawyer does. Thanks a bunch, my ass is grateful.