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I made this one night when I was half trashed after a party. Some friend had asked me, for the fourth time in as many days, if I could drive him down to Fort Wayne for the day. Again I told him, No no no no NO! I decided I had enough dodging people trying to bum rides (I'm one of the few people in this group of friends with a running car) and making up excuses why I couldn't...and the Excuse-O-Matic was born.
What it is &
what it does
The Excuse-O-Matic is designed to be hung on your door, to facilitate the easy generation and automatic conveyance of lame excuses. It allows you to leave mix-&-match excuses for anyone coming to your door, and also allows them to leave the same lame-o excuses for you. (Due to the mix-&-match nature of the Excuse-O-Matic, many 'interesting' constructions are possible...be creative ;)
How it works
The Excuse-O-Matic consists of four tables containing phrases that can be joined together. Thus, by selecting and marking one phrase from each table an excuse can be formulated. Once the Excuse-O-Matic is printed out and stuck to your door there are plenty of creative ways to mark the appropriate phrases. If there's corkboard underneath it on your door (or you don't mind holes in your door) thumbtacks or push pins are good. If your door happens to be magnetic, a refrigerator magnet or something like that works nice. Any adhesive sticky things are also good. Whatever method you can think of to mark the things, basically.
This copy of the Excuse-O-Matic is the one I use on my own door at TSU and is customized for me by me. Most of the stuff on Excuse-O-Matic is pretty universal among college students, but be sure to read thru and change things if they do not apply (e.g. change where it says TSU to your own college, etc. If you don't have a car/stereo/scanner, make those changes too). There are a bunch of blank spaces left in the first table, that's so you can fill in your friends' names (and enemies), top-dawg school administrators, the BOFH... Then just print & tape to your door. (Please be so kind as to leave the authorship tag attached, if you know what's good for you ;)
Get your Excuse-O-Matic
Click here for Excuse-O-Matic. Use File/Save As... to save it to your hard drive (don't forget to save the Excuse-O-Matic image too). Edit. Print. Stick to door.
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