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That Really Pisses Me Off!

Are you ticked off about something? Some guy cut you off on the expressway this morning? Your boss is being a prick? A certain website use too many exclamation points and background images, causing a real headache for you and your browser <grin>?!!!!!! Then you've come to the right place!


Name: Anonymous

Why do people buy school cafeteria food? That's risky business. First of all, there's no guarantee that YOU will eat the FOOD, as some of that stuff could end up digesting you instead. And even if you win the battle against your meatloaf, the now-disgruntled mass of writhing STUFF could inflict a good deal of damage on the way down unless you kill it first. When you see food flying thru the air, it doesn't necessarily mean someone threw it!  Then, there's the price issue. In their infinite wisdom, Marriot food services has decided to raise its already this-is-a-stickup prices. A little box of French fries costs $1.05. What's with the $.05? Is that so they can get rid of some extra change? Who brings a nickel with them wherever they go? Who wants to carry around 95 cents of change the rest of the day? And if a rat falls into the fryer, do they charge you extra for the added protien?

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