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Backdoor Santa: Microsoft Windows Registration Wizard

HD/Registry/Application Snooping: During the install, Microsoft Windows will snoop your hard drive for the existance of competitors' software. It looks for about 100 applications by other developers for which Microsoft has a similar product. This information is transmitted to Microsoft electronically during Online Registration for purposes unknown. A more detailed explanation of the program's activities is detailed in "Inside the Windows 95 Registration Wizard".

To be the safest, disconnect your computer from the network completely (pull the ethernet/modem cable right out of the computer) before this setup. Tell Windows you'll fill out the snail-mail registration form (I don't recommend that either; you'll get junkmail from Micro$oft), and continue. When setup is finished and windows loads, find the file named reginfo.txt and delete it (read thru it first, if you like). This file contains some registration info that would be transmitted to Microsoft during the registration.

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