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 Lots of people surf the Internet. Some of them even graduate grammar school. Unfortunately, these aren't them...
My Very First Flame!
(Not counting the ones ones from Apple lovers regarding the Mac Page)

  Rating: **
From: Clayton ****** <****@orbitertreadmill.com>   7/24/98 16:21
Subject: you are a waste of internet space
To: bgip@ix.[NoSpamBots].netcom.com

You are neither humorous, relevant or irrevelant. Have you ever considered
really doing something with your life?

 Rating: **** (bonus points for length and creeative speling)
Subj:   [Fwd: You a Loser]
From: ******@juno.com
Date: 18-DEC-1998
You are probably the bigest loser on the planet.  With the time you have
spent bitching  with your stupid web page, you could have just deleted
the thing and gone on with your pathetic life.  Why dont you spend some
of your efforts on something that might be of some use to some one insted
of taking up space on the net.  At the very least an  inventory of your
mothers insect collection would be more worthwhile.

I just thought you needed to know what a pathetic loser you realy are.
Thanks for letting me take up some of your  worthless time and short
attention span.

Rating: ** (No punctuation, but no swear words either)
Subj:   not worth mentioning
From: ******@holly.colostate.edu
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 22:05:01 -0700
the subject heading descibes you web site have a nice day

Rating: ***
Subj: (No Subject)
From: "Mario Mario <******@hotbot.com>
Date:  Thu, 18 Feb 1999 06:30:48 -0000
 I think you pages suck because it looks like some stupid poser ( you ) made a
couple of stupid bogus pages to make you feel more masculin.  I know your a guy
because of the stupid themes of your pagesa and the way to talk.  Your microsoft
page was not convinving and waisted my time.  Your vallentines day page sucked as well.  I thi
nk you need to learn some basics and make a REAL page.  You have massive securit
y flaws.  I hope your page gets hacked soon...


 Rating: ***
Subj: Macs RULE, you $%^&ing dweeb!
From: ******@aol.com
Date:  Thu, 15 Jul 1999
The Macintosh could kick your WINDOWS a%^ ANYDAY, and AnyTHING can beat up
Bill Gates, your . . . HERO!


One of steve jobs employees
>>> Hmm... Apple's CEO... an AOLer. Somehow it doesn't surprise me.

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