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Advertising Spyware: FluxPC AdPipe

Software functions: Various
Advertising functions: displays a stream of flashing ad banners inside certain software.
Network Connections: Connections to adservers (*, ports unknown)
Backdoors: Unknown
HD/Registry/Application Snooping: Unknown

AdPipe is an ActiveX control that can be included into a program, to blow an endless stream of spamvertising content at you while you (try to) use the software. "Once placed into the program (on a dialog or toolbar), AdPipe does the rest; downloading new advertisements when the user is connected, rotating and displaying the ads, and monitoring users interactions with the advertisements." Blech.

More detailed info is coming soon, as I get around to examining some of their apps. Firewall progs are a good bet though ;)
The AdPipe advertising modules seemed more well-behaved that the Aureate-Radiate/Conducent snakes-in-the-grass, at least on my initial testing. The test app I ran (File Renamer '99) clearly disclosed the use of advertising technologies, and the app didn't install any always-loading components into the Registry.

Note: See the Adware Neutering section.
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