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Threatened Links
Get it before the lawyers make it disappear...
Advanced E-Book Processor and related files 

Removes trivial encryption on (only) legally-purchased ebooks in Adobe PDF format.
More drivers (Windows/Linux/other)...
"Unauthorized" Linux driver for free RadioShack barcode scanners
Paul Hsieh's info, DeCSS Mirror & excellent links

DVD Decryption algorithm
Play DVDs on Linux/etc. systems
Decrypts Cyber Patrol blockfiles

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"You have to be a kind of Jeffersonian citizen on the Web. Be aware, be educated, take personal action. If you're just a passive consumer, they will drive right over you."  - Tom Maddox, PrivacyPlace
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HitlerCities: The 'Fascist'-Growing Community on the Web
Some projects
Digital Camera Hack
A bit of other stuff for friends, family, and people we like; and some stuff not listed. We do not (anymore) give out user accounts, since we're usually short of bandwidth as it is. So please don't ask for one.

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