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How To Disable Internet Filtering Programs
(to get around government-imposed or other IP-based censorship, go here.)

Internet filtering software, internet babysitter programs, web blocking it what you will, it is software that runs in the background on the machine you surf the 'net with for the purpose of restricting access to certain types of Web content--client-side Web censorship.  By blocking access to "inappropriate" sites and keeping intricate logs of any "offensive" sites you've tried to visit, these programs not only restrict your freedoms, but could also violate your privacy by telling your employer/co-workers/parents all the sites you've tried to access--be they about breast cancer, certain religious, political or sexual orientations, drug/alcohol use, AIDS, sites for helping you find a new employer....the privacy and job-security ramifications are far-reaching to say the least. Censorware is a tool-of-choice for overprotective parents and paranoid employers, and is typically fairly easy to disable despite password-protection and other schemes designed to deter cybersabotage.
How do I disable the censorware?

Disabling most censorware on Windows ME
Windows ME reportedly has a system restore feature that lets you revert your system to a previous configuration. If you can use this to revert it to a day before the censorware was installed, viola! No more censorware.

how to disable AOL Parental Controls

Prior to AOL version 6, blocked sites can be accessed by placing a dot "." at the end of the URL. For example: to access enter it as to bypass the filter. See this C|Net article for more information. AOL is presently aware of this problem and has fixed it in the current version of the AOL client. I have a report (for AOL 5.0) this no longer works.

(The fix may also have been implemented server-side, making this work for NO versions of the software. Please let me know if you have success with this or not, and what version of AOL's software you are using.)

(Note: the address is used for purposes of example only. At the time of this writing, there is no site by this name.)

how to disable Cyber Patrol 4! (and some earlier):

how to disable CYBERsitter 2002: Jeremy Rand informs me that the "permanent" removal procedure for CYBERsitter 2000, below, also works for the 2002 edition. The "per-session" method, however, does not.

how to disable CYBERsitter 2000:

Andrew shares the following tips for disabling CYBERsitter 2000.
This procedure disables CS2000 on a session-by-session basis (e.g. until you reset the computer or change users) ...
1) click start~run and type regedit, then press enter. this will open the registry editor.
2) navigate to the key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\SecurityProviders.
3) delete the key 'net98'.
you are now filter-free. (note: this must be done every time you start windows or change users.)

This procedure disables the censorware permanently (e.g. remains disabled if you reboot the computer, change users, etc.)
1) run regedit.
2) navigate to
3) delete any instances of 'C2K'
You will probably need to restart the computer for the above to take effect.

Riley Shea has a webpage that details a method for obtaining the CYBERsitter 2000 master password. You can then use this password to bypass the program. It also explains how to remove tattletale entries from the program's logfiles. This process involves the installation of a known Trojan Horse, so this procedure is aimed at computer gurus only--preferably ones with a 'sacrificial' PC for such an occasion. See How to completely stop cybersitter2000! for details.
Warning!! Part of this process involves installing Sub Seven, a nasty Trojan program that can give others access to your computer. Once you retrieve the password you must remove Sub Seven from your system to prevent unauthorized access. See a free removal utility here. Simply deleting the Sub Seven files will not rid you of the Trojan. Again, this procedure is for gurus only.

how to disable CYBERsitter (older versions):

How to disable Cyber Snoop:

how to disable Eyeguard "flesh tone" scanning program

Got some great information in from Chris C. on this one. Bypass is ridiculously easy on this:
As described:
Basically you install it and it checks your screen for flesh colours, it can then either just log it or lock your screen. It's pretty crappy as it would lock out on kids bare feet (people seem to have a passion to baby pictures on their desktops, uurgh), and scanned Financial Times articles (a browny paper we have in the uk).

Disabling this program simply involves killing it off in Windows Ctrl-Alt-Del task menu (or Wintop). The prog. apparently uses Rundll32 to do its dirty work.

How to disable Net Nanny:

How to disable SurfWatch:

How to disable WinSelect
Jack B reports that Winselect can be disabled by doing the following:

Ideas for getting around a Proxy Filter (such as BESS):

There is a special type of censorware that works by acting as a proxy between your browser and the Internet. What this means is, when you request a page thru your browser, the censorware requests the page off the 'Net, verifies that it's "clean", then passes it on to the browser. Some methods of trying to get around a Proxy censorware are as follows:
Some workarounds for BESS proxy filter
That is, substitute the domain name of any non-blocked sited, followed by an @ and the blocked URL. (This format is used by most browsers to supply a username and password to FTP sites, but can be included in HTTP URLs as well.) Presumably, the filtering software assumes that the "@" and everything following it is not part of the domain name and should not be checked.

At my school we found away to get around bess which is pretty easy, it may be different at your school. Are school uses bess to supposedly block inapropriate materials, what a joke. We use netscape Navigator to access the internet but you can do this in Interent Explorer too. In Netscape click on the edit section on the top of your screen and move your mouse down to preferences and click. Once the Preference screen pops up click the + sign on the advanced section. Then once the advanced area expands you will see a section that says proxies. click on it. Then there will be 3 bullets. Place the bullet in the one that says manual proxy configuration. Then click the button that says view. Then the manual proxy configuration window will pop up. Copy the data in the http text box and paste it in the socks text box. Change the last number of the data you pasted to a 3. Then delete everthing in the http and security text boxes. Now trying going to a web site that was once blocked and poof bess is no longer monitoring or blocking what you do on the interent. This worked at my school, maybe it will work at yours. email me at if it worked or have any other ideas to get around bess. It no longer works at my school because they called in some so called security expert to fix the loop whole but we will find a new way. WE CAN NOT BE CENSORED.
Anyway, try fiddling with your browser's proxy settings, particularly if it's someone such as parents (as opposed to a school admin. or boss) who installed the software. They are typically not too knowledgeable when it comes to these things, and will likely have left loopholes open :)

Censorware Not Listed

If you have information on disabling a censorware product not listed here (or a newer version), please email me right away!

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