VX2 / Blackstone Data (Un)Guided Tour
(Ever wanted an insider look at advertising spyware?)

Below are some files that offer a peek inside Blackstone's administration system. They are static pages saved in an early November visit to the server. Files have been given descriptive names and renamed from .php to .htm. Aside from this, the saved pages have not been modified unless otherwise noted.

NB: Since these are saved, renamed pages, none of the links or images will work. Use your "Back" button to get back out of each page.

The main administration page. This provides links to the main areas of the OASIS ad system.

Log File
This shows what the nuts-n-bolts of the software have been up to. (Not very interesting.)

Max Ad Sizes
This allows the administrator (or in Blackstone's case, any old boob) to change the maximum allowed filesize for each (width/height) size of banner graphic.

Allows the admin. to view and change information about each advertiser.

Viewing campaigns for a newly-created advertiser. The email address has been altered to deter address harvesters.

Viewing advertisers and their campaigns

Campaign Insertion
Creating a new ad campaign.

Campaign Insertion
Inserting the new campaign into an extensive list of contextual advertising categories. A larg portion of the list has been excised to make it smaller. The original file was well over a megabyte, consisting mainly of HTML tables--these took over a minute to render on my machine (800 MHz Athlon, 256MB memory) when viewing the page locally.

A list of contextual sections (keywords, etc.) to advertise on. Warning: This file is about half a megabyte.

Selecting reports on ad performance by campaign, date, section...

Viewing reports by a specific campaign (Deluxe Casino).

Viewing reports by section.

Viewing reports by revenue.

Viewing an unsent invoice. Some details have been altered for the privacy of the advertiser.

Viewing the list of unpaid invoices.

Viewing details on an unpaid invoice. Some details have been altered for the privacy of the advertiser. This invoice is for $0, probably explaining why it is unpaid.

A page explaining testing procedures for the Blackstone Data Transponder, which gives away the (obsolete, now) default password to their server. This was taken from a former host of Blackstone Data Transponder.

About the Background image
This is from the Transponder spyware's c++ source code, also acquired thanks to the poor security practices of this company. Shown is a small portion of the code that pilfers the user's name and email address from the Registry.

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