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Suspected Foistware/Spyware: CameoCast, CameoOne,
WD Data Lifeline Installer (DLGLI.EXE)

A media player similar to OnFlow that may be silently installed with unrelated software. Its purpose is to display "content" such as movie trailers and Special Offers when the computer is starting, shutting down, or idle. It may also change your Windows start-up logo.

Use Windows' Add/Remove dialogue to remove CameoCast.

A rich-media replacement for e-mail spam, silently installed with unrelated software. From the Web page:

"CameoONE - provides companies a way to market products and support brand message through a custom Relationship Management package that is far more effective than email marketing."
"CameoONE is a core element for CRM programs and leverages our technology to help companies proactively and exclusively communicate with their customers via the PC. Using the Cameo suite of applications, companies can establish one-to-one relationships with their customers and use the private
network to more effectively communicate and interact with these customers. "
It appears to be a mechanism for companies to push "Special Offers" (marketing popups) at their customers. Cameo has arrangements with Western Digital (and possibly others) to host downloads of programs containing similar functionalities, like Western Digital's Data Lifeline hard-drive monitoring tools.

Unknown at this time. Try looking for a reference in Add/Remove Programs.

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