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Contact Info
Webmaster, Site Design, Graphics, and all that jazz
writes most of what you see on CEXX.ORG. Organizes and HTMLizes the Web site, answers email, adds Guest materials to the site as well. Most programming; C++, PHP and Perl. Does most of the back-end programming and fending off lawyers...generally a fairly busy guy. Isn't afraid of George Carlin Words. Keeps his home address private because the Internet is full of crazies. Interfaces to the meatspace world via his Domainholder, who finds Internet crazies amusing.
Bill Webb
Somewhere in Illinois.

Domainholder, Administrivia and Innocent Bystander
handles servers, hosting, bill-paying, domain registration and other administrivial stuff. Some light programming here & there, mostly DOS stuff, a little Perl. Not responsible for site contents. Tells lawyers to buzzer off. Longtime buddy of the Webmaster. Is being stalked by this chick in his area. Tells her to buzzer off, too. Gets an official CEXX.ORG Staff t-shirt if I ever have them made :)

T.R. Gipson
8413 Crescent CT.
Willow Springs, IL 60480
Email: hostmaster (at)

A Few Other People
pitch in occasionally. Are not amused by Internet crazies at all, and won't list their names. Do some writing, some researching, and offer constructive criticism. Are all around good folks, even if they forward email hoaxes and chain-letters faster than a dozen AOLers with T3 lines. Get official CEXX.ORG t-shirts if they stop coating my steering wheel with Rogaine (you know who you are!), playing annoying 90s music at incredible volumes, warning me about Badtimes, etc.

The General Public
write in all the time, and we're glad. Get us in trouble occasionally, and have been known to refer to Bill as "a 19-year-old with a tattoo" (which is WAY off--no tattoos :) and wax implausible about his connections with the digital underground. Can have a CEXX.ORG t-shirt as long as they make it themselves.

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