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Some notes on specific FWP compliance-enforcement mechanisms:
Some FWPs (Digiweb, Webjump, et al) have upload-only FTP servers which will prevent you from using your "webspace" account as a free FTP file account. To them, it's there only for uploading webpages, NOT for retrieving stored files! Trying to download a stashed file will result in an error message. Additionally, FWPs may limit the size of files or downloads. Xoom's FTP server prevents downloads of files over a certain size. Whenever you encounter FTP servers with these kinds of restrictions, you can still download the files by HTTP, eg. access your site via Web browser and nab the files there. Maybe not as fast as FTP, but still free.
Tripod has admitted publically that it has a server-side process called SkinFinder that analyzes the amount of fleshtone in incoming graphics (GIF/JPG) files, flagging images with a lot of flashtone for investigation by Tripod admins for pornography.
GeoCities has "a non-public set of search definitions that look for content violations." So, think before you speak.
Some FWPs explicitly ban all MP3 files, legal or not. A number of sites ban these and other media types (RealAudio/RealVideo, AVI's, .wavs, and on one server, even gif and jpeg images!) due to their typically large size and just-sit-there-like-a-lump-of-lead nature.
Files on Fortunecity are limited to 1MB in size. Files larger than 1MB are deleted.
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