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By being at this site, you give Bill and everybody else permission to read your email, scan for naughties on your hard drive, X-Ray your underwear drawer, use your credit-cards, make copies of all the photos in your wallet, take stuff out of your fridge and see your girlfriend naked. In fact, by the time you get to this page, nude photos of your sister/spouse/etc. are already on their way to New York to be published in every dirty magazine in the known universe (and some unknown ones).

OK, just kidding. Here's my REAL privacy guarantee:

Server Log

The Apache web server outputs a server log containing a line of junk which looks something like this: - - [18/Nov/1999:16:48:34 -0600] "GET /main.htm HTTP/1.0" 200 22007
The information on this line, in order, is: Remote IP-address, time, file accessed, HTTP version (in this case, 1.0), status code (200 means "OK", and pretty much everybody knows what 404 is...), and the length of the requested file (this says main.htm is 22,007 bytes). In an emergency (e.g. diagnosing server problems or attacks), I may download and poke through the log file to find out just what in blazes is going on. This is done as rarely as possible, because it's a pain in the butt. For general estimation of traffic levels and where it's all coming from (and to stroke my ego), I run a stats program such as Analog or Webalizer to condense the raw log information into generalized statistics (e.g. hits per day/week/month) and pretty graphs. Log files rotate (are cleared) an average of once every few days, depending on overall traffic levels.

Personal Information
I don't need or care much about visitors' personal information. For some activities (e.g. sending in an article or posting on a message board) blanks are provided for such things as name and e-mail address. These are optional; feel free to leave the fields blank or enter a nickname. Personal information refers to things such as name, age, demographic data, Mothers' Maiden Name, telephone number, street address, etc.

Cookies are not used on the main site (; however, our message board software (at uses cookies to handle sessions and user authentication. (The SID, or Session Identifier, stored in the cookie is a long random number created when you first log in. The details of the login (e.g. username, password, date) is stored on the server, and this number serves as a pointer to a specific login. This way, your username/password are not stored on the particular PC you are using.) However, the boards should still be accessible if you reject cookies.

When you send an email, the mail software will usually provide your name and return email address with the message. This information, if provided, will be used only to reply to your mail, and will not be shared, sold, or used for any other purposes. If you are not comfortable sharing this information, anonymous mail is always welcome :)
Tip: If you send an anonymous message and don't provide any way for me to send a reply, you won't get a reply. (Sounds simple enough, doesn't it?)

The content of your email will not be shared with anyone or posted publicly without your permission. These is one exception to this rule (you should have seen it on the info/disclaimers page) which states that abusive or harassing mail is exempt from this privacy and may be reposted, archived, copied, etc. without permissions first being sought. If your mail is not of an abusive or harassing variety, confidentiality is assured. But if you're a jerk / lawyer / etc. and send abusive mail, it may wind up on a Wall Of Shame and stay there, and that's tough rocks.

Depending on the setup of my mail accounts, copies of email messages may be stored on the system for an indefinite period of time. If you prefer that all copies of the mail you send be destroyed, please let me know and I will make every effort to zap any copy of it that may be residing on the system.

Demographic/behavioral data
Demographic, psychographic and behavioral data is not collected or used by this site. (Behavioral, etc. refers to information collected for advertising purposes, based on things a site visitor has shown an interest in, clicked on, etc.)

Other Sites
Sites I link to may have privacy policies which differ from my own. (My privacy policy is my own, and naturally does not apply to other peoples' web sites.) Be sure to read the privacy policies of external sites you visit, if such things interest you.

If you have any questions about anything mentioned, complaints, gripes, love notes, death threats, etc., don't hesitate to email me.

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