Everybody says GeoCities' commercialism and selling out of its members, among other things, is destroying the aspect of community that was once a part of GeoCities so vital to its success. Folks, that just isn't true any you know it. Geo's recent actions have created more community than ever! Observe:
Through numerous cases of uncalled-for censorship, both on and off GeoCities-owned servers, they have created a tightly-woven community of censorship victims; a 'support group', if you will. The GeoCensored and GeoDelete Webrings unite the many victims of Geo censorship, to commiserate, tell of their experiences (to fellow victims, website viewers, news reporters, etc.) and rest secure in the knowledge that, if Geo tangles with one, they'll have to tangle with ALL. Through lawsuit threats Geo has aimed at some of their censor victims and their ISPs (claiming 'trademark infringement' on parody sites, etc.) they have raised a community of lay-lawyers, hitting the books and visiting the self-serve-law sites to see if Geo really has a case against them. Memorizing and reciting the Holy Bible of GeoCensorship, the Fair Use doctrine of copyright law (USC 107)... another 'community' of intellectual-property buffs and teenaged pseudo-attorneys.
Via the Waterstain that plagues members' pages, GeoCities has angered many of their best providers into packing their bags and leaving the service (either of their own volition or 'involuntarily' after a visit from Community Response). These now nonmembers have banded together to create Phoenix, a community for those disillusioned with the once-great service provided by Geo. Members of Phoenix, even while spread across myriad servers, maintain much more community and kindered-spirited bond than any Geo neighborhood could ever hope to achieve.

And, let's not forget about the non-Geo forums (where Mark and the rest of the Geos can't censor), bulletin boards, GeoStock naysayers, the GeoSucks mailing list, The GeoStrike (dead), Black Background Campaign, Orange Ribbon Campaign, boycotters, the Geo song parody contest...

Don't you see? Geo is a genius! They've created more community than ever, and so transparently too. It's all part of their master plan, to enhance community while not openly taking credit for it. Instead of hoarding all the community they create in their own little corner of cyberspace like a spoiled child and his toys, the generous Geo folk have invested oodles of time and money into seeding the Internet as a whole with community, sharing its wealth like the generous, good samaritans that they are. Their generosity can make them more likeable and popular than ever! A stroke of genius, if you ask me.