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Guess who does not like Macs! Go here for Macintosh humor, Mac pictures, and the Mac User Flame Page, as well as links to Mac bashing sites.
Windows humor, Microsoft Naming Conventions, Windows Errors, free programs and utilities, Windows 95 logo screens, customizing, and the Microsoft Piracy Police Time-Waster Page can be had on the Windows & Stuff page.
The jokes page is home to, duh, jokes. From microsoft to limerics to fun with computer newbies, it represents the best (and worst) of what you have sent us, as well as some from our own private collections.
The Newsroom contains news, bug reports, rumors, conspiracies (mostly Microsoft), the 'Up Yours' department, a Cookie security demonstration, and the legendary Bill Gates Fun Page.
And on the 'Misc.' page, we have That Really Pisses Me Off (a forum for gripes and complaints), Can That Spam (containing an anti spam page, the SpamBack spammer revenge tool, and the infamous SurplusDirect boycott that got us effectively kicked off Geocities in retaliation), a search engine spy, links, and a fun page for idiots.
a GeoCensored site

Awards we've given ourselves

Carpal Tunnel Site of the Week
Sell Out Site of the Month
for Destroying This Site to Conform to Some Stifling and Obnoxious Content Guidelines

Awards we've created for ourselves

Mr. Yuck Award ...for Sites that Really Suck

The Red X Award (for proficiency in crashing Web browsers)

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GeoCensored (graphic by Mark Zeman)
Goodbye, cruel world...
the moving side of computing

Oh No! The Shortest Straw has been pulled, right out from under us: The Snicker web crew, composed of unpaid GeoCities employees, has been fired from its position in the GeoCities Content Creation Department. The complete move-out will take place in the remainder of the week. Sorry for the inconvenience, please update your links and bookmarks accordingly. Thanks!

Bill Webb
HTML Grunt,
the lighter side of computing

New Location

Endgame: The final edition of GeoCensored, the history of all our censorships and deletions on, including the latest: "We have over a million others picking our cotton for us, we don't need riff-raff like you around here causing trouble. Get out."

Last Words

"With a sense of humour this dry, GeoCities need never worry about flood insurance."
    -Webb, HTML Grunt and full-time wiseass
"It's so hard to say goodbye...Wait a minute, I just did. Hey, that wasn't so bad after all!"
    -Lundeen, Slightly Humorous Waste Disposal and code jockey extraordinare
"I can't believe I ate the whole thing."
    -Price, Graphics Guy
"The more I see of the world, the more I am dissatisfied with it; and everyday confirms my belief of the inconsistency of all human characters, and of the little dependence that can be placed on the appearance of either merit or sense."
    -Jane Austen, quoted by (And you spell that how?), Graphics Chick.
"You mean you're posting the site somewhere else? Just when I thought I was safe..."
    -Bennet, Price's graphics diskette courier for the Biology wing of, Snicker's proprietary on-campus intranet. More on that below.
"Seeking no truth, winning is all; find it so grim, so true, so real"
    -James Hetfield, quoted by Bugman
"Bust 'im again, Tom, he's bit me!"
    -Loundy, GeoCities senior editor (did not really say this)
"As I mentioned, the "Tickle Me Loundy" had me in stitches. I'm smiling just thinking about it."
    -Loundy, GeoCities senior editor (really said this!)

From his locker on the third floor, GG begins the descent, diskette in hand, to where Lundeen lies in wait for his leg of the relay. The pass is quick and fluid, and the disk is ferried to Lundeen's locker where it will hang loose until the lunch period. At this time it is rescued from the size-of-your-thumb ants that reside in the locker aforementioned, and shuttled to Bennet. Bennet flies at about 25 mph down the administrative hallway where, being a seldom-traversed area, she is unimpeded by not only student traffic but the administrators themselves. Then a much slower flight through the general Biology area, where their are actual faculty doing actual work (Hey! No running!), and with an exhausted "My feet are killing me!", the diskette is handed off to Webb, who applauds the efforts of the entire, goes home and adds the disk files to esta pagina as appropriate.

This site hated by Get OUT!! ...err, free home page.