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How to Completely Remove TSADBOT trojan horse from your system
Press CTRL-ALT-DEL once to bring up the End Task dialogue. You may or may not see TSADBOT on the list. Older versions will appear, however, newer incantations of the trojan are stealth and will actually hide from you, not appearing on the End Task list even if they are running. End Task TSADBOT if you can.

Change into your Windows directory (C:\Windows or C:\Winnt). Delete the following files:

If any of these files will NOT delete (access denied / in use / sharing violation), you will have to restart in MS-DOS mode to delete them using the appropriate DOS commands. If running, TSADBOT may hold a lock on its files preventing them from being deleted.

Now, change into C:\Program Files\. There will be a directory named TimeSink. Delete the entire directory and anything in it. Again, if files won't delete, you will have to do it from DOS (use DELTREE).

Finally, run Registry Editor and use it to remove the following registry keys:

Note that only the removal of TSADBOT's files is necessary. Removal of Registry entries simply optimizes the system, since Windows will no longer have to load the extra keys into memory or look for the files they reference, but is not necessary to disable TSADBOT.

The procedure above should remove all the adware's files, and MOST of its registry junk (I may indeed have missed some!). But at least it won't load and chew up your system resources (& violate your privacy!) as long as your computer is on.

*Some software from eGames will install this file in place of FlexActv.dll. Thanks Privacy Place for this and other information.

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