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Domain-banning scripts

Eject Perl script written by Par Philippe Cadic. Documentation included; written in French (use Altavista to translate). This script accepts a textfile containing a list of hostnames/IP addresses (or ranges), one per line, that you want to ban from your pages. Can use SSI (it should, but I couldn't get it to work on my machine :-\ )

Domain-banning Perl script written by The Omega. No documentation available. Generates the requested page by CGI, but not if the viewer is from the domain you're banning.

Access Manager JavaScript by me (Bill). Setup is pretty straightforward; no CGI/Perl access required. Hasn't been tested extensively.

Note: Perl scripts provide excellent protection, but can only be used if your server supports perl scripts (e.g. you must have a working CGI-BIN directory). JavaScripts do not require a CGI-BIN but will eject the bad guys (or permit the good guys) only if they have Java/JavaScript enabled.

File Utilities

File Splitting, Compression and Encryption

HTML Validation (free)

W3C Validator tool - Shows a lot of the processes involved in validating your HTML (e.g. parse tree), much detail. Unfortunately it doesn't like "transitional" HTML, and so will yell at you for having <FONT> tags, etc.

Univ. of Melbourne validator - Similar, but with plaintext output. Allows you to choose between HTML 3.0, 4.0, 4.0 Transitional; also lets you type in raw code and validate it.

HTML Editors (free)


Netscape Composer (comes with Communicator 4.x) - Powerful and easy to use, lets you create semiprofessional-looking pages fast. Converts image formats for you on the fly (no more trying to put bitmaps in your page!), and can publish to your FTP account. (This is what I use for my own pages.) Like many graphical editors, tends to produce somewhat baggy HTML.

Microsoft Frontpage (express) - Comes free with MSIE 5.x and works much like Composer. Fullware version of Frontpage has site management features. I have on good authority that using it is much like using MS Word; if you're already fluent in Word the interface will be familiar.

Evrsoft 1st Page 2000 - Text-based HTML editing with syntax highlighting and a realtime preview. Built-in DHTML, Javascripts and Perl scripts simplify scripting. This program includes spell-checking, thesaurus and HTML reference built right in.


BAPSoft Ballpoint Pro 3 - Compact, simple but timesaving text-based HTML editor with menu-driven new page creator (sets colours, title, etc at the click of some buttons) and editing features (cut/copy/find/etc.) . Saves loads of typing for the HTML purist :) (* New version)

GNU Emacs - Your "Swiss-Army Editor", available for a wide variety of OSes (even Windoze). It has an "HTML-mode" that is quite useful (it can be set to highlight HTML (SGML) tags or to hide them completely).  It is a general purpose, free, text editor with many capabilities (modes for C/C++, Perl, Java, Scheme, Common Lisp, Emacs-Lisp (yes, it is a Lisp interpreter), various entertainments, completely customizable (the binaries are a Lisp engine that starts up with the Emacs core files loaded), various included and contained applications (a calendar, newsreader, and more), and (of course) a (more than) full-featured test editor.

Chami HTML-Kit - A featurefull text editor for HTML, XML and scripts. The editor can point out some HTML errors, spell check and select Web-safe colours.

If you want to get your hands really dirty with HTML, there's always Notepad ;)

FTP Tools

War FTP Client (free) US mirror * EU mirror * South America mirror * Central America mirror * Australia mirror * Asia mirror  - Supports all the advanced FTP features you know and love with a hybrid GUI/commandline FTP interface. You can connect to many sites simultaneously and work with them in different windows.
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