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Free Web Anonymizer services

Unfortunately, all the good ones of the olden days have ceased to be, or at the very least require money/login/password. If you know of new anonymizing proxies, send me a mail.

Encrypting Anonymizers - Provide high security against 3rd-party snoops. May also bypass certain censorware products.

The Cloak ( encrypting anonymizer. (Requires Javascript and cookies.)

Anonymous Surfen ( anonymizer with SSL encryption option. (May not work with systems that change IPs or user-agent string with each request.)

Proxy Servers - Not high-grade security, but it will hide your identity from the remote site, e.g. stop your competitors from knowing who's checking up on them.
AnonymProm - free/pay anonymizing proxy.

IDZap ( Requires email address to sign up. 

Guardster - Ad frame.

Anonymizing Software
JAP (English/Deutsch) - Software for your computer that passes your Internet requests through a chain of encrypting relay servers.